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First idea note about Borneoo project in 2011-
#note 1
“What if travelers who visit Borneo in Indonesia are better informed…?
Travelers can make a difference for the better world. Travelers can make an amazing planet, I believe. I started Travelers’ MAP which a social enterprise designs and operates sustainable travel. And the sustainable travel project <Endangered Animals> is the small action to drive a change through travel with travelers. ๐Ÿ™‚
Going back to the Borneo issue, how can we better inform travelers and locals to lead better, sustainable choice? keep trying to ask critically and answer creatively.
What if….. PlayPlanet can be the platform providing travelers better local information access and offering locals better market access? Connect these groups and create never existed value/creative market through matchmaking? ๐Ÿ˜‰ “
Aug. 2011
#note 2
“Every time I travel to Borneo, I feel very sorry about that travelers use shampoo and the used water hose back to river. It’s easy to see the bubble on the river. So I suggest my travel group using soap rather than using shampoo and explain why we should do that.
However it’s not enough. The number of travelers visiting Borneo is steadily increasing and most travelers do not aware of the destroying environment by travel wthout any information about that. We need to bring a change to protect local environment.
What if travelers use soap instead of shampoo made by palm oil? We can sugeste travelrs to use palm free soap – for example, the soap made by Lush- and provide local social & environmental information and the enterprise which provides the eco soap will get green marketing effects. This social impact is co-creation by collaboration. Then travelers can understand the local issue related to palm oil plantation, orangutan extinction, deforestation. Social change by travel with travelers!”
Sep. 2011
S .playplanet

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