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Bohol is one of the most beautiful places here in Philippines to spend vacation, to relax, have fun, and have wonderful adventures with friends because of its remarkable scenic like mountains that are overlooking the City of Tagbilaran, local places that sorround the mountain, and the Bohol sea. Places good for camping, nature hiking and star gazing and you can reach this places easy by riding jeep, bus or motorcycle.

Bohol is also popularized because of its white sand beach and talking about beaches here in Bohol, Panglao is on top, the beautiful resorts, beaches good for snorkeling and scuba diving.

But as you overlook those places you can see the place that me and my friends enjoyed the most are slowly degrading, specially our coral reef here in Bohol, because of some tourist and some locals lack of awareness and dont give care on how important it is for our daily life and for our future generations.

As a local here in bohol my friends and i decided to take action on helping mother nature by consevation.
We create tour programs, programs like mountain climbing or camping and nature hiking in a very local authentic way, in this program we let the tourist expereince to plant a tree.
And for those who love to splunge, we also have a program like island hopping and snorkeling, in this program we encourage tourist to pick trashes under or floating in the sea, trashes that wash up in the shore like tin cans, food wrappers that is flying around or half buried in the sand, bottles – plastic and glass, especially the broken ones that are harmful to other other people that who love to stroll along the beach.
We also have a program that widens your circle of friends and try thier local way of living here in bohol. Try to cook, to wash cloths, clean the house and live like local.

And as we earn money from those program we use it to buy some stuff we need for our project “coral propagation” stuffs like goggles, snorkel, fins, basic kit for coral propagation ( and if earn more to build our own dive shop for the project and guesthouse in near future)

As what we know coral reefs are very important because it is not only biologically rich and a source of beauty but they are also the foundation of many tropical ecosystem and provide livelihood, food, enjoyment and cultural significance for you, for me and millions of people around the world.

But it sadden us here in Bohol because of our corals here are degrading because of human activities such as trampling, destructive way of fishing and anchoring can physically destroy corals, resulting in reefs death.

Thats why we decided to restore the natural beauty of the reef by coral propagation and at the same time we also aim for the locals or people to understand the importance of corals and the vital role it plays in nature and in thier daily lives and of the future generations to come.
We also encorage our customer, snorkelers, divers and locals to participate in our coral propagation.




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