2012.05.27.SUN.2PM Travel to Like Incheon Festival

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Hey, traveling to Korea? Here is cool~ travel experience with cool people! 
lets.play.planet – have fun with creative young people on your trip!

 Travel to ‘Like Incheon Festival’ 

walk + community + giving

When  l 2012.05.27.SUN. 2PM
Where l @Incheon station 
Tour Fee l 36,000won

  • Let’s meet up! Travel to ‘Like It Incheon Festival’!
When  l 2012.05.27.SUN. 2PM
Where l @Incheon station 
Tour Fee l 36,000won (including dinner, 1 tea, ‘Like Incheon’ T-shirt, local tour guide + smile)
  • program 
-walk to real Incheon where the past and the present coexist
-taste original Jjajangmyeon which is the most popular food in korea &  take drink a tea at Naktasamak(Camel Desert), the hidden place where Incheon indi artists love
-enjoy flee market and performance with creative young artist
  • How we play planet?!
1. Walk. 
We walk! Walking, it’s the best way to see the place you visit. You will meet the real people and discover the real experience on your travel.
2. Community
While walking tour, you will visit community in which local young people are playing creative project like musical performance, exhibition to revitalize the community, Sinpodong in Incheon.
3. Giving
You share your walking with children who are in need of leg. While walking on the tour, you can download ‘bigwalk’ application and it automatically counts  your walk. And it’s donated to the children so that they can have a leg. We imagine children’s smile and have a walking tour together with travelers who shared their walking for children in need of leg.
See you – 2012.05.27.SUN.2PM
Meeting place – @Incheon station (Line no.1)
Tour fee – 36,000won 
Contact – letsplayplanet.com  
meeting place @Incheon station (Line no 1)
flree market with Sinposalong which is the community of local young creative people
Incheon China Town
street performance
taste street food 😉
take a walk, enjoy saturday afternoon
discover the hidden story on while walking
enjoy the view of Incheon sea with cool drink @ Naktasamak
wanna join?
see you on sunday!
  lets.play.planet  😉

One Comment

  • It was nice experience to see Incheon with Sinposalong young people. Thank playplanet for organizing this fun and very socially meaningful travel event. This concept of the travel, Walk+Community+Giving is so brilliant idea. Hope you guys can have artificial leg for children who are in need and walk together those children and travelers together someday!

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