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[Meet] Edy in Borneo

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Meet ‘Edy’

eco tour guide

Borneo Island in Indonesia 

I am Eddy Susanto and I will be your guide.

I am 30 years old and have been working in Tanjung Puting National Park for over seven years, the last six of which I have been a guide. I work as a freelance guide and rent from a fleet of klotok boats in Kumai. Once I book a trip, I will rent a klotok and hire a captain, a chef and deck hand.

When I first began working on the tour boats, I was an assistant/deck hand and I could not speak English very well. I then moved on to be a cook and began learning English, teaching myself using books and speaking to the guide and guests that came on the boats. As my English improved and my knowledge of the park grew, I had the opportunity to become a guide.

I really enjoy my job as a guide. It gives me the chance to be out in nature, learn more about the jungle/forest, the wildlife which inhabits it, and about the environment, which is so important to all of us. I love sharing my knowledge of this area with guests and often learn from them as well. Being a guide has given me the opportunity to get into a different line of work than most people in my town who work for large palm oil companies.

My goal is to save up enough money to have my own boat for guiding tours in Tanjung Putting National Park. I also have a goal to give back to my community and as my grasp of the English language improves, I would like to teach English (when I am not guiding tours) in the local schools.

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