Munllae walking tour

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Playplanet invites you to 

Munllae walking tour  !

Join us, and you will meet a fascinating place where the energy of  ironwork artisans and the artists is melted everywhere!


When   09.15/10.06/11.03 PM 3:30

Where  @Munllae station (exit no.7)

Tour fee   50,000won

  • Let’s meet up!

When   09.15/10.06/11.03 PM 3:30

Where  @ The red iron structure at Munllae station (exit no.7)

Tour guide     Bonoboc, Playplanet

Website     http://www.bonoboc.com , blog.letsplayplanet.com

Cooperation  BIGWALK

Participants  15 people

Tour fee           50,000won

  • program

-History tour of Yeongdeungpo

-Tour of Munllae art village and exhibition viewing

-Special meal and rest at Cafe Saenggang (Korean name of ginger)

-Enjoying a concert of indie band at alternative space Moon

  • something special about Munllae

Munllae used to be one of the biggest industrial complex in Seoul. However, due to the redevelopment policy, many factories closed the door and now there only remain a few factories and artisans. It was once a most crowded place in Seoul, but now it is nothing but a lonely street.

Since 2003, artists from Hongdae area and Daehak-ro region began to gather into the empty factories of Munllae! Currently the area is home of approximately 100studios and 200 active artists. It is actually a ‘village’ of artists.

The artists span a wide range of genres including visual art such as painting, installation, sculpture, design, illustration and performing arts such as dance, play, mime, street performance, traditional art and music, criticism, culture planning, scenario and natural science.

Since the artists came to Munllae, it has become to be energetic!

There is art all over. On the streets, in the buildings… everywhere!

The boy in the picture is laughing cheerfully 😀

What a funny pose!

  • Let us introduce our host 

Lee soju, the artist who pursue the art  that can be understood easily, believes that anyone can be an artist. He also believes that the work of art is like a box in which artists’ view of the world can be put in. So he  regard every attempt and the effect of revealing one’s life as arts.

He has been living in Munllae over 8 years and taking a role of leader of Munllae art village. He has lead the communication between people regarding each person as a most valuable gift.

  • Munllae on media 

Munllae Art Festival (KTV)

Munllae Festival (EBS)

  • Keywords

Munllae art village, Munllae art factory, BonoboC


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