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playplanet angel’s Thai Visit (1)

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Hello 😉 I’m an Angel of the playplanet!
also an university student in Korea, so nice to meet you!!

Don’t get me wrong cause I’m not that narcissistic enough to call myself ‘Angel’, but “people” call me angel as an assistant of playplanet and ..well.. I kind of like that name! heehee .

Anyway,  I flew from Korea to Chiangmai of Thailand ( as skipping my class *0*).

The Flight landed in Chiangmai and went to the cozy, nicely equipped homestay 🙂 so warmly greeting ..  and also FOOD!! greeted me !! Yum yummy ❤
(P.Tap, our homestay host cooked specially for me T.T so thankfully ..)

The last photo is Thai Starbucks ! 

I was quite impressed by the Thai version Starbucks! Unique Thai-style color, interior and space utilization! totally different from Korean Starbucks. .. and pretty 🙂 !!

This place was around the Chiang Mai university, so I could see many students studying hard .. oh.. which contrasted to my situation.. (me skipping class and coming to Thailiand haha T.T )

The real travel stories will begin in the next post ! I haven’t written yet, but stay tuned!??!!  coming soon ~ !


by. Song


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