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playplanet angel’s Thai Visit (2) – “The Ob-house”

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 What means being a family?

The ‘Ob(Warm)’ House I was so lucky to meet this family. 

  This friendly decorated house is named ‘Ob-oon’, which means ‘Warm Oon‘.
P.Tap proudly told me he named this home stay ‘Ob-oon’ thinking his baby son, Oon. Maybe wishing his son to grow warm with loving heart in this house.

 As the name says, the house was so warmly atmosphere and so was the family indeed.

His brother, P.Top was doing his arts (pottery) in the studio at the right back of the house and P.Tap was a really good cook. The family welcomed visitors with open heart. I could really feel it and soon got relieved in this new surroundings. 

We cooked our dinner together (I was taught how to cook Thai food! 😉 ) and had it with other guests sharing one another’s dreams and stories. 

(This is what we cooked 🙂 ! )

Thanks to our host, we could meet many artistic friends of him and all the interesting souls visiting the house. P.Tap called this gathering night with beer, “Oh, It’s my Life~”, one of the greatest joy in his life.

It was very impressive to me that every one of the families pursuing their own life so great and even supporting each others living harmoniously. The brother,P.Top is doing pottery, and he is cooking welcoming visitors spreading love with his son at his warm house, even enjoying every night with awesome friends.

Had wonderful time resting and learning different world at this house.
Surely the world was wide and worth traveling.
and I really miss people there.

Ah! I even got a nickname by them as well ! It is “ChingChok” bc I loved Chingchok moving on the wall that was so small and lovely !
(It was my first time to see it ! so amazed. We don’t have chingchok in Korea.)

The last pic is the chingchok 😉

<The Thai posting to be continued  –  ” Let’s playplanet ! ” >


 By Song

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