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Social dining with tractor traveler Kitae Kang

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Social dining with tractor traveler Kitae Kang 

When? 2012.10.03 7pm

Where? gallery cafe “마음은 콩밭” in Buam-dong

With who? tractor traveler Kitae Kang

Concept of dining? Wearing “Mombbae” the Korean traditional pants

Kitae Kang is the first person who traveled all around Korea with a farm tractor, one that used for farming. Then he went to Turkey and traveled all around that country too. He came back to Korea to plan for another travel. Thanks to him, he agreed to plan a social dining with playplanet’s friends who love travel so we could have a dinner at a beautiful gallery cafe and share his travel stories.

 First, after entering the cafe, people wore “Mombbae” pants. This pants are Korean traditional pants worn by women in farming village. It is very cool and light so often it is called “refrigerator pants”. Today’s star Kitae Kang is the son of a farmer and the reason he first decided to travel all around the world with tractor is to find the solution of problems in farming village of Korea. So playplanet chose this concept! 😀 and all of our friends liked it a lot.

Before we start, foods were served. There were two menus : curry with fresh autumn squash and rice with smoked duck. These had been the most popular menu of cafe “마음은 콩밭”. As we expected, they were so delicious that when we were having dinner no one talked ! XD

There was screen and projector in the cafe so people could listen to Kitae Kang’s story seeing his pictures of his travel. There was so many awesome pictures that people could not take their eyes off from the screen.

Kitae’s story was dynamic and impressive. How could he start his travel that everyone says impossible, how could he met former president Muhyun No, the tractor march with turk farmer in Turkey…Everyone was impressed by his adventurous spirit and got a courage to explore our own lives. Kitae said there is nothing impossible and we could know he proved it by himself.

 After the dining, we took a photo wearing Mombbae pants. All of our friends were so fond of it. They even bought it!

Anyone can be friends of playplanet, if you like to travel and if you are willing to be a good friend to others! So, join us whenever we have this great event! We will wait for you. Let playplanet! 😀




One Comment

  • It was so fun~ that time! 😀
    Thank you for organizing this travel event! Also, playplanet angel~ appreciate for your passionate work!

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