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INDONESIA – The Artist , ‘thedyingsirens’

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About ‘thedyingsirens’


thedyingsirens는 2002년부터 Pugar Restu Julian(Uga)에 의해 진행되고 있는 자카르타의 인디 락 뮤직 프로젝트입니다. Uga는 C’mon Lennon and Morning Bell 등의 라디오 헤드 커버 밴드인 pop up의 창시자이기도 하며 Planet Bumi, Zeke and the Popo, Sore, Tika, Blossom Diary, the Sweaters, a Boy Named Santiago, Clover, Sugarstar 등 여러 인디 밴드의 드럼 연주자로써 활동을 하고 있습니다. Thedyingsirens는 Uga 혼자 시작하였지만 점차 다른 뮤지션들이 모여 공연을 하고 레코딩 작업을 하며 만들어 졌습니다.

thedyingsirens is an indie rock music project from Jakarta, lead by Pugar Restu Julian (Uga) since 2002. He was a drummer and a founder of pop up, C’mon Lennon and Morning Bell (Radiohead cover band). He was also an additional drummer for many indie musicians/bands from Jakarta, such as Planet Bumi, Zeke and the Popo, Sore, Tika, Blossom Diary, the Sweaters, a Boy Named Santiago, Clover, Sugarstar and etc.   thedyingsirens begins with Uga himself then gradually changes to be a musical collective involving many different musicians on stages or during the recording process.


1. “the dying sirens” (October 2003)

 2. OST “Thank You and Good Night Mother”, a semi documenter film about local surfers in Indonesia by Ivan Handoyo (April 2006)

3. Compilation album “Paviliun Do Re Mi” (May 2006)

4. Limited CD EP “kapalku telah pergi” (Nov 2006) sirenesekarat records

5. Album “Sketches of a Humming” (Des 2006) sirenesekarat records / paviliun records

6. Indonesian Noise – Make Trade Fair”(Jan 2008) Compiled by Teguh & Aditbobo Bonus Kawanku no.01/2008, Not For Sale

7. Single ByeBye, free download (14 Feb 2009)

8. Single Lovely Eyes, free download (26 Oct 2011)

9.Split Album thedyingsirens – pop up (12 Dec 2012)

thedyingsirens on stage:

Pugar Restu Julian (drums, cajon, bass, guitars, tamborine, vocals)

Branandi W Madya K (guitars)

Olivia Imelda (vocals, tamborine)

Dhendy Mawardi (guitars, vocals)

Pronky Karamoy (bass)


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