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Airbnb’s Seoul meetup party with Joe Gebbia

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playplanet went to Airbnb’s Seoul meetup party !

We got an invitation from Airbnb saying there will be the evening party with Joe Gebbia, the co-founder of airbnb as they salute their hosts, travelers and the vibrant Sharing Economy community in Seoul. 


The meetup party was at ‘cafe aA’ which is in Hongdae, one of the Korea’s popular places for artists and university students where full of lively atmosphere is.

There were so many people lining up even before the party started.

IMG_1740At the party, Korean bartender was serving Makgeolli, Korean rice wine, one of my favorite liquor which tastes very.. um… yummy !

(I don’t know else way to describe it, so forgive me 😉  More about Makgeolli click!)


As you can see in these pictures, the party was almost packed with people.


Regardless of sex and age, people whoever interested in travel, airbnb and Sharing Economy gathered and exchanged their thoughts and had opportunities to discover new relationships.


This little booth is for hand drip coffee. Guess these baristas must have been crazily busy grinding beans and dripping coffee to meet pending orders !



Personally, I think the main contributor to make this party successful was the talented DJ who played vibrant music through out the whole party which is tightly tuned into the atmosphere and it really heated up the air.

For the record, Hongdae is well known hot place for musicians and there are many kinds of clubs and indie music bands performing their art.


About halfway through the party, Joe Gebbia, the co-founder of Airbnb showed up!

playplanet read from the newspapers that airbnb is planning to launch its business at Seoul as it targets East Asia.
(For the related article, click)


playplanet also met Joe Gebbia and explained our business model which is in the ecosystem of the Sharing Economy that Airbnb emphasizes.
(There is another posting explaining Sharing Economy. click(Korean), click(English) )


In the middle of the party, Joe Gebbia and airbnb staffs had time to introduce themselves and Joe told the story about how they started Airbnb and all the rise and fall he experienced as the business grows.

He also underlined the importance of Sharing Economy which focuses on sharing rather than producing something brand new. For example, Airbnb facilitates people to share their home and exchange their experiences that they already have to the travelers not to build new houses or create another something new. In this Sharing Economy all they have to focus is to develop more what they already have and like to share better with others.


We playplanet really got inspired to meet Joe Gebbia and Airbnb which is the leading business of the sharing economy and expanding successfully with its good will. playplanet also aims to grow decent to throw party like this soon !  haha


It was a night 🙂

Let’s playplanet !


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    • Thank you so much!

      It’s so great to hear that playplanet posting is helpful to you. 🙂
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      Hope you enjoy watching this. [Let’s playplanet: Open Your World] https://vimeo.com/64975277

      With the warm breeze of Spring in Seoul,

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