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[Photo sketch ] “Let’s playplanet INDONESIA” Exhibition

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As some of you would may already know, playplanet had “Let’s playplanet, INDONESIA” exhibition.


by Benjamin low photograghy (https://www.facebook.com/benlowpho)
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by Benjamin low photograghy (https://www.facebook.com/benlowpho)

The exhibition was mainly composed of photos taken at Indonesia.
Four Indonesian friends really contributed to this exhibition with high-quality photographs, writings and music which could really show the genuine aspects of Indonesia.




playplanet also prepared little cute stamps so that guest can freely use and write whatever they want to about playplanet and the exhibition.



This is Sun whose eyes always beaming whenever she talks about orangutans and Borneo Island. She is explaining enthusiastically about her affectionate story with orangutans at Borneo Island in Indonesia. She also introduced Edy who is currently working in Tanjung Puting National Park always being eager to host playplanet travelers for the eco-tour in Indonesia.

IMG_1645  And this is Novi, a copywriter in Indonesia who is now telling stories about the photos she took in Solo and Bromo Mountain, the places she emotionally attached.


I guess everyone seem to be really into her stories.
(We would like to share Novi’s photographs and writing : here )


At the exhibition, we met many friends and enjoyed our time together.
Some of them looked over the contents of playplanet’s website that is still actively in progress and developing.






And these are comments the guests left and some of them with stamps on !


haha 🙂





Let’s playplanet !

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