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Most of people think that Korea is about K-Pop while they also think that Indonesia is about Bali. What about connecting another side of local culture and doing exchange between them?

Since Playplanet always connect traveler with local people, what do you think about the collaboration between Indonesian Musician and The most influential Art Village in Seoul?

And this time, Playplanet had unique experience to connect artist who also traveler with artist community in Seoul.  An Indonesian Musician – Thedyingsirens stayed at Mullae Art Village in Seoul. During the last 7 – 12 November 2013, thedyingsirens experienced and did some collaboration with local artists and get connected with local people and amazingly, this is also the first experience of Play Planet to do this kind of cultural exchange and connecting the real people to do some collaborations.

thedyingsirens (thedyingsirens.net) is an indie rock music project from Jakarta, Indonesia, lead by Pugar Restu Julian (Uga) since 2002. He was a drummer and a founder of pop up, C’mon Lennon and Morning Bell (Radiohead cover band). He was also an additional drummer for many indie musicians/bands from Jakarta, such as Planet Bumi, Zeke and the Popo, SORE, Tika, Blossom Diary, the Sweaters, a Boy Named Santiago, CloverSugarstar and etc.

thedyingsirens begins with Uga himself then gradually changes to be a musical collective involving many different musicians on stages or during the recording process.

But during their South Korea Tour this time, only Uga who finally made it to Korea. It was busy perform here and there and amazingly, we made it totally performed five times at five different events.

Started with Playplanet Social Dining about Play Bohol project on Friday, 8 November 2013 – where Playplanet gathered up with Playplanet friends at Oyori Asia to brainstorming about Bohol Earthquake in Philippines and we had thedyingsirens played 3 songs during the break. It was really relaxing night while brainstorming about how to rebuild Bohol Island in Philippines after the earthquake. At that night, Uga  played their song titled Our Times Our Feelings, Never Was You and ByeBye as the first chance of him to introduce thedyingsirens songs to Korean friends.


and the second day was the busiest day, because we had 2 schedule at the same day. We went to Ganghwa Island, 1,5 hours away from Seoul to participate at Poongmul Bambarabam Festival and that was the first experience of a thedyingsirens to have a chance performing at local market. Some Ajummas and Ajussi and visitors at local market also try to enjoy the songs while Uga played Our Times Our Feelings, Unconditional Love, Never Was You and ByeBye. This must be memorable story one day : that a musician from Indonesia played his songs to entertain people at Local Market in Ganghwa Island.



It was raining all day, but we had to go back to Seoul right after the performance to participate at Urban Art Opening Party. Urban Art is a unique guest house located at Mullae Art Village, that finally officially opened at 9 November 2013 https://www.facebook.com/urbanart.

A really perfect time for us : Playplanet, thedyingsirens and Urban Art to collaborate in one event, as our mission to connect traveler with locals, especially the Urban Art guests during VIA Festival (Various Integrative Artistsic Festival) in Mullae http://www.viaf.or.kr/ . We just arrived at Urban Art that night, but suddenly thedyingsirens should play four songs including Our Times Our Feelings, Unconditional Love, Never Was You and ByeBye in front of opening party guests. Totally perfect timing, because Sing A Loud – the owner of Urban Art Guesthouse just had opening speech and showed a movie about behind the scene of how they made their amazing guesthouse in three months process and thedyingsirens continued that opening part with their songs!



On the third day, thedyingsirens performed at Jungdabang Gallery http://jungdabang.com/to close the VIA Festival itself.  It was quite close and intimate performance with the guests who mostly are artists and the dyingsirens played more songs, since the guests wanted to have encore. Uga was really surprised with the response, so he decided to play “Lovely Eyes” as encore, after he played “Our Times Our Feelings”,  “Unconditional Love”, “Never Was You”,  “#99”,  “Happiness Is A Hoax” and “ByeBye”.


and the fourth day also the last day of thedyingsirens tour, we held a gig inside the guesthouse room! This might be first experience for every musician to have intimate performance inside the bed room. Uga was so excited with the place, since it’s not only the place to stay for his another two nights in Korea, but also the place to held a gig at the same time. The guesthouse called Kiruk Kiruk Guesthouse, a unique and warm place for that quite cold night.



He played more songs than before to close his South Korea Tour : The Rain Song,  Our Times Our Feelings, Unconditional Love,  Never Was You, Be With You, #99 and ByeBye to Say Goodbye to all lovely korean friends and really had a great time that night. He was really happy met all the artists and korean friends during his tour, because most of them very appreciative and got some good feedback to make future collaborations.

Afterall, doing this kind cultural exchange between traveler and local, especially artists will make some impact in the future for Korea and Indonesian friends. We are not only connect people and place, but we create project together that involve travelers and local friends to know more about each other, learning each other even get more inspiration from each other talents  and introduce the new way of travel : create social impact.


thedyingsirens set list (visit thedyingsirens.net) :

Nov 8
Our Times Our Feelings
Never Was You
ByeByeNov 9
Market Festivval
Our Times Our Feelings
Unconditional Love
Never Was You
ByeByeUrban Art
Our Times Our Feelings
Unconditional Love
Never Was You

Nov 10
Our Times Our Feelings
Unconditional Love
Never Was You
Happiness Is A Hoax
(encore) Lovely Eyes

Nov 11
The Rain Song
Our Times Our Feelings
Unconditional Love
Never Was You
Be With You


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