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We are looking for Creative Connector Interns!

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Playplanet wants to become a playground for travelers to do something interesting and

create social impact.

We believe the power of travel, that everybody is a traveler and travelers can make a change.

Now, we are on a journey to make the world as our playground and inviting the passionate ones

to make things happen together.

You’ll be working closely with social enterprises in Asia.

You would travel and stay in local community where playplanet and partner social enterprise

is running sustainable development projects, take photos and

write articles and share them through social media.

You’ll learn a lot about Nepali local life as well as working in social enterprise and sustainable tourism.

Creative Connector interns would be expected to work (or even play) anywhere

from 10 – 15 hours a week.

The schedule is very flexible. The only mandatory day is Saturday to have a meeting

where the whole Creative Staffs will brainstorm for training time, task review, and fellowship.


We are inviting those personalities to play and learn with us:

                                         ▪     Like to get along with people

                                         ▪     Enjoy adventure and excited with a fast changing environment

                                         ▪     Passionate about travel and new experiences

                                         ▪     Extremely motivated and get things done on time

                                         ▪     Independent and have entrepreneurial spirit.

                                         ▪     Believe that our journey can change the world better 

                                Do you think it is you?

                                1. Send us your CV. 

                                 Express yourself using creative form or tool

                                 or USE GOOGLE ( Application form :  http://bit.ly/J4hFBQ ) ?

                                2. Tell us how you would improve Playplanet.

                                  Show us your creativity and passion!

                                3. We would like to listen to your travel story! 

                                  Tell us inspiring people you’ve met, unforgettable experiences, or your dream destination.

To apply, please email to hello@letsplayplanet.com by Friday, Dec 27.

 Email with title like, [CC 2013 winter]_(NAME)


Let’s Make the world as our playground. Let’s. Play. Planet! 

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