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Let’s Play Ethiopia!

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Today, Playplanet launched a new experience called the Ethiopian Food Teaser! Helina, our local Ethiopian host, introduced her beloved country through their local food and their special coffee ceremony. She took us to Sinbad’s Kitchen in Itaewon, where they have authentic Ethiopian food. All of us were curious, excited, and hungry! ๐Ÿ™‚

e10We didn’t have any idea about what to eat, so Helina patiently explained to us the food choices. All of them looked delicious, so we ordered two of each dish.


The first dish served was called beyaynatu, and is one of the popular Ethiopian dishes. It is composed of different types of vegetables and beans, eaten with their special fermented bread. (We had to wash our hands first, because Ethiopian food is normally eaten by hand.)

e8This one is called tibse.ย It’s beef cooked with special sauce and vegetables. You can add chili powder to it for more spice. Helina told us that Ethiopians don’t eat pork, because of their Orthodox Christian beliefs.

e4The last dish is called kitfo,ย which is originally just raw meat mixed with cheese and cabbage. Some of us were unsure of eating raw meat, so we ordered a cooked version of this as well.

e6The food all looked delicious, but we didn’t know how to eat it at first haha. So Helina showed us: just simplyย takeย a piece of bread and use it to get whichever viand you want! It’s that easy!

e5Some of our travelers enjoying Ethiopian food~~~

e3After enjoying the meal, we experienced a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony! Helina’s friend prepared the coffee right in front of us, from roasting the coffee beans to serving it in nice Ethiopian cups. Did you know that Ethiopians do this ceremony three times a day after every meal? This ceremony also symbolizes friendship and respect to visitors and friends.

e2Making real Ethiopian coffee almost took an hour to prepare! But the wait was worth it. We enjoyed this special coffee with popcorn, stories about Ethiopia, and good friends. ๐Ÿ™‚

e1All in all, it was a fun and unique experience for all of us. Even though we didn’t actually travel to Ethiopia, it felt like we were really there because of the food, the ambience, and of course, our warm local host, Helina. ๐Ÿ™‚

Do you want to experience Ethiopia too?

Reserve this experience in our platform! –>ย http://bit.ly/1ChHsw7

Let’s Play Planet!

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