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Itaewon Weekends 2.0 [Travel to North and South America!]

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Hi, guys! Thank you for supporting our first Itaewon Weekend Travels last June. It was a blast!

Now, this July, where will we head off to next?


playplanet Itaewon weekends 2.0That’s right! Let’s travel west and discover the beauty of the Americas. Here are our upcoming trips we’re sure you’d love to try!

playplanet peruImpress your friends with a new skill- playing the antara! Discover more about Peru while learning how to play one of their traditional instruments from a well-renowned Peruvian musician, Oscar Pajares. Check it out —> http://bit.ly/1IxXFE7

playplanet dreamcatcherHaving bad dreams lately? Don’t worry! Learn how to make your very own dream catcher  and attract only good dreams. 🙂

Check it out —> http://bit.ly/1IxXFE7

playplanet mexico cooking classEveryone loves Mexican food, right? They’re everywhere! But some of them aren’t the real cusina mexicana. Take a cooking class from a native Mexican and learn how to make a real juicy taco!


Check out our other awesome experiences hosted by real locals at http://www.letsplayplanet.com

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