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Want to try something new? Let’s play an ANTARA!

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There was a PlayPlanet Travel at Itaewon on a scorching hot day!

This time we went to PERU which is located in South America!

Before we went on a long journey we had to fill our stomach!

This delicious looking taco was made by Samson, owner of Tiger House Guesthouse.

First of all, this is our local host, Oscar Pajares from Peru.

He started our journey with an introduction about his beloved country.

Unlike South Korea,  Peru has hundreds of different types of potatoes.

We couldn’t believe there was this much! :O

Their price varies from $1 to $20 per 1kg.

Peru has three different topographies. It consists of a coastal plain in the west, high mountains in the center and a jungle area in the east that leads to the Amazon River.

This is why their music and food have different characteristics in each area.

This is a picture of Macchu Picchu! Oscar has been here 10 times already but he felt differently each time.

It is a beautiful place which surely can’t be described in words.

This is his hometown and all the antaras we used were made with the bamboo grown there.

There are 3 names for antara but we wont tell you!

You can find it out if you join our trip! 😉

After Oscar’s informative presentation, we started the antara class!

Oscar saying ‘ Make a little circle with your lips and blow hard!’

It was similar to playing a flute but it wasn’t easy to make a melody by moving our lips from left to right.

We also easily ran out of breath!

 All of us decided to practice the Arirang song, which was familiar to all of us.

We listened to Oscar’s performance first and practiced on our own.

We had to stand in front of the wall in order to hear our sound more clearly.

This really helped us not to get distracted by other’s sound.

How about going on a trip to PERU with Playplanet next time?

Stay tuned for our next scheduled trip to Peru!

Experience Peru in our platform! → http://bit.ly/1R6rBg4

Let’s Play Planet!

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