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Secret tips for buying flight tickets 101 (part 1)

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What is your style of buying airline ticket when you prepare for travel?
Playplanet found very practical tips for saving money for buying flight tickets. Scott Keyes wrote very specifically how to buy reasonable price tickets! Thank you Scott 🙂

Scott Keyes, a reporter for Think Progress and author of the e-books “How To Fly For Free” and “How To Find Cheap Flights” is an expert at finding affordable airfare. With his 5 years of experience of searching for airline deals, Keyes now knows the best websites, tricks, and tips for getting tickets for cheap prices.

1. Set up a Tweet deck and email alerts

If you’re truly dedicated to finding cheap flights, it has to be a lifestyle. Keyes has alerts and a Tweet deck filled with airlines and websites that he follows to discover affordable tickets.

Your odds of scoring bargain tickets will also skyrocket if you set up newsletter alerts from travel websites like Airfarewatchdog and The Flight Deal. You can even sign up to get emails from Keyes himself when he stumbles across a deal.

2. Search for flights from all nearby airports

This one might seem obvious, but if you’re flying from a hub like New York City, make sure you’re not only searching flights leaving from JFK or LaGuardia and include the nearby Newark airport, too.

“If you live in an area or are flying somewhere where there are a lot of airports, search them all,” Keyes advised. This could save you hundreds of dollars, even if the airport is a little out of your way.

3. Do a ‘month search’ on your itinerary

Websites like Kayak and ITA Matrix allow travelers to search their itinerary and destination for an entire month’s worth of travel so you can discover the cheapest possible airfare.

“I flew to Costa Rica once a couple years ago and I did a month search on ITA Matrix,” Keyes told us. “Instead of going in the first week of April, I realized I could go in the second week of April and save over $100.”

If it doesn’t make a difference when you get to your destination (even if it’s a matter of getting in Thursday instead of Friday), searching for an entire month can save you a significant chunk of cash.

4.Always check for “throwaway tickets”

Throwaway tickets are flights you purchase to an unpopular destination. Let’s say you’re traveling from New York to Chicago — those tickets are going to be quite expensive. But New York to Milwaukee will be less expensive since fewer people will be traveling there.

A throwaway ticket would be if you found a flight from New York to Milwaukee with a layover in Chicago. Then instead of getting on the plane to go to Milwaukee, you would throw away that leg of the ticket and exit the Chicago airport.

“This one can be a huge money saver,” Keyes said of the hack. If you want to find throwaway tickets, check one of Keyes’s favorite websites Skiplagged that specifically searches for them (though due to a lawsuit, you currently can’t buy the tickets through Skiplagged, but through a third party site).

5. Book at the right time

“A big mistake that people make is buying either too early or too close to the departure,” Keyes told us. “Wait until between three months to a month out because that’s when you tend to get the best prices for domestic flights.”

That’s for off-peak flights. If you’re hoping to fly home during the holidays, book a trip to Europe, or fly during a time period where a lot of other people will be booking (like for spring break), Keyes suggests  looking at flights about six months out.

6. Buy the cheapest ticket, no matter when it is

“The way most people approach airfare, they do it backwards: They decide where they want to go and then try to find the cheapest flight to get there,” Keyes told us. “But if your ultimate goal is to be able to find as cheap a flight as possible and go somewhere cool for not much money, then starting with an open, blank slate and going wherever there’s a cheap flight right now is going to be your best bet.”

That’s how Keyes wound up flying to Milan for $130, going to Galapagos for $45, and visiting Norway and Belgium for around $350 instead of the typical $1,000.

None of these destinations were necessarily on his ideal travel list, but because Keyes found deals on Twitter or through websites, he decided to buy them right away and ended up saving thousands for being flexible.

You can read more from http://read.bi/1HXuLYz for more information!

We will post ‘Secret tips for buying fight tickets 101 part 2’ tomorrow!

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