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Itaewon Weekends 3.0 [Travel the World in 3 Days!]

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Hi! Hola! Mabuhay! Annyeonghaseyo!

Itaewon Weekends is back!

Let’s travel the world in 3 days!

Playplanet has found local hosts from around the world who can offer local authentic experiences for you guys! Let’s all gather in Itaewon, Seoul, on September 18-20, 2015 and try new experiences, meet new friends, and have an awesome weekend!

We have an amazing line-up of activities waiting for you! Check them out!


Eat with Locals![Philippine Food Teaser/ September 18, 7:30pm]


Already tried Japanese, Chinese, or Thai food? How about trying Philippine food for dinner? Enjoy a belly-filling meal complete with interesting stories about Philippine pop culture and secret insider travel tips from our charming local host, Jescia! You’ll love the food and have a lot of laughs for sure!

–> http://bit.ly/1Fw5VOc

Drink with Locals![Halifax- style Pub Crawl/ September 19, 4:00pm]


Looking forward to the weekend so you can drink a couple of beers? Why don’t you do a light pub crawl, Halifax-style? Our cool Canadian local host Kevin, will recommend the best beers in the best pubs in the best place to be this Saturday-Itaewon!

–> http://bit.ly/1UO9ud1

Cook with Locals! [Mexican Cooking Class/ September 20, 11:00am]


Craving for real Mexican food? Tired of the same old taco? Let’s cook real Mexican food like it’s meant to be- with a lot of love and flavor! Join our bubbly local host Mariana as she teaches us how to make tasty local dishes from her beloved country. You’ll not only cook together but dine together with new friends as well!

–> http://bit.ly/1W1Jk7d

Make with Locals![Dreamcatcher Craft Class/ September 20, 1:00pm]


This dream catcher- making craft class lets you express yourself in a new and unique way! It’s easier than you think! Momo, our artsy local host will make sure you make a dream catcher perfect for your bedroom or as a present for friends or family. Friendship bracelets are overrated, make a dream catcher instead!

–> http://bit.ly/1W1Jk7d

Relax with Locals![Korean BANG Tour/ September 20, 4:30pm]

5‘Bang’ means room in Korean, and this tour will bring you to the most relaxing room- the jjimjjilbang (sauna)! This ‘bang’ represents Korea’s unique culture as there are special customs and food to eat while relaxing in a jjimjjilbang. There’s also a noraebang (karaoke) which can surely blow off your stress away! Join Momo and new friends in this fun but relaxing experience!

–> http://bit.ly/1FeLcoW

Explore with Locals![Urban Discovery: Haebangcheon Tour/ September 20, 5:45pm]


What an amazing view, isn’t it? This is in Haebangheon, Itaewon! Our friendly local host Melody, will guide you on a fun and informative walking tour of Haebancgcheon, the next cool spot to be! Explore the charm of this small village with good food and company that ends with a spectacular view of Seoul from the Namsan walking path. A truly breath-taking way to end your awesome weekend, isn’t it?

–> http://bit.ly/1kP4nqk

Walk with Locals![Itaewon Alley Tour/ September 30, 8:00pm]


Everyone knows Itaewon for its various pubs and restaurant. But did you know that it has a different side too? Explore the other side of Itaewon with the help of Youngdong, Itaewon’s resident local alley guide! He knows everything about this famous area, from its history to its art, culture, and other hidden gems you wouldn’t know existed. After this tour, you’ll surely see Itaewon in a whole different light.

–> http://bit.ly/1FNNea8

Do something different this weekend! Reward yourself from a stressful week with our fun and unique local activities made by our awesome local hosts.

Travel the world in Itaewon.

Let’s Play Planet!

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