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Try something new this weekend!

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As the colors of the leaves change in autumn, you, too should change…your typical daily life. How about doing something new this weekend? We’ve got unique local activities you and your friends can experience only here in vibrant Itaewon.

pub tour_playplanet Always hanging out at the same pub every Saturday? Always drinking the same beer? How about hanging out at FOUR different pubs, drink FOUR new beers, and experience a Halifax-style pub tour? You just might discover a new hang out place! –> http://bit.ly/1UO9ud1

night walk_playplanet Saturday dinners usually end with a full stomach and a tasty dessert or coffee. How about taking a night stroll along the Namsan mountain after having dinner with a new Korean friend? Good food + new friends + amazing night view= MEMORABLE SATURDAY NIGHT. –> http://bit.ly/1kP4nqk

kahlua making_playplanet (2)Have you tasted all the new flavors of soju? Still looking for a new kind of alcohol? We’ve got the perfect answer: KAHLUA. This coffee liquor will be your next favorite alcohol ’cause not only is it yummy, but you also get to brew a batch all by yourself! –> http://bit.ly/1MZZSs4

korean sauna_playplanetStill haven’t tried a traditional Korean sauna? Now is your chance! Take the ultimate challenge of getting scrubbed down by a Korean ahjumma or just chill out with your towel hat, boiled eggs, and Korean rice drink. Whichever you want, this will definitely be an experience to remember.–> http://bit.ly/1FeLcoW

Change the way you spend your weekends! Grab your friends and try something new for the first time. 😀

For more awesomeness, click here.

Let’s Play Planet!

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