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Our First Local Host Gathering!

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local host gathering playplanetYesterday, we had our first Local Host Gathering! We invited our existing and potential local hosts to this exclusive event (one of the perks of being a Playplanet local host!) to get to know more about them and build a strong community of local hosts.

local hosts playplanetMeet our local hosts! Of course, we had to do a round of self-introductions first πŸ˜›

ecobird playplanetOne of our local hosts, who is an expert in birds in Korea. He’s hosting his own Ecobird tour. Cool!

hangang guesthouse playplanetOne of our guesthouse partners who own a lovely guesthouse by the Han River.

seongbuk bidul guide playplanetOur local host for Seonbuk-dong Village, who is also an artist. She can speak French really well!

ice breaker playpanetNow to break the ice~ We did a mash-up of charades and pass the message! Can you guess which animal he’s describing? πŸ˜‰

local host3 playplanetNow, it’s down to business. We had a quick but detailed explanation of what, how, and why being a local host in Playplanet is such an awesome idea!

local host2 playplanetAnyone (and everyone!) can be a local host in Playplanet. It allows you to meet new people, earn extra income, and make new memories by sharing your own local culture or interests. What a great combination!

bibimbap playplanetTime to eat and mingle! We prepared a special homemade bibimbap buffet. Everyone loved it! I think most of them went back for seconds πŸ˜›bibimbap playplanet 2Makgeolli was also served to add more fun to our discussions. It sure did the trick! Everyone was talking and sharing their travel stories and other hosting ideas.

kimchi playplanetLocal hosts sharing their feedback and suggestions on how we can all work and play together in Playplanet.

mariana playplanetOf course, this special event needed to have special awards! WeΒ gave out fun awards such as the Early Bird Award and Most Friendly Host.

tristan playplanetGuess which award our French host received? The “One Who Really Enjoyed Eating Bibimbap” award! πŸ˜€

local host gathering playplanetAs the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun. A big Thank You! to those who came and shared our first local host gathering with us. To those who couldn’t make it, see you on our next gathering! πŸ™‚

Let’s Play Planet!

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