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[Upcoming Local Travel] Mini-Diwali House Party!

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Let’s celebrate the Diwali Lights Festival here in Seoul!


Diwali is one of the biggest festivals in India. It means festival of lights, and Indians celebrate it with candles, food, and music. This coming Saturday, November 07, from 5~9 PM, we’re going to experience this bright festival right here in Seoul!

Our Indian local host, Nistha, has been living in Korea for around 2 years, and runs a popular Indian cooking class in Seoul. She enjoys meeting new people and helping them cherish Indian food. This mini-Diwali house party was her idea, and we’re really excited about the lights, food, and music! Here’s a preview of what’s coming up:

diwali candles playplanet

First, we will be helping Nistha decorate her home with many candles, Christmas lights, and Diwali decorations. This will surely build up the excitement for the party!

diwali food playplanetThen, here comes the tasty part! Nistha will guide us into a mini-cooking class where we will be making Indian snacks and dishes usually eaten during Diwali. Indian food is not just about curry, you know! 😉

diwali friends playplanetOnce all the preparations have been done, it’s time to celebrate and have fun! While sharing a meal, we will also be listening to Indian music and maybe learn a simple dance or two. Nistha will also talk more about Diwali customs and traditions, and about Indian culture. If you’re planning to travel to India, this would be a great time to ask for secret travel tips from a real local! 😉

So, don’t miss this special event! If you want to join us (you really should!), please click on this link to reserve your slot. Remember, there are only limited slots left~

Why don’t you do something new this weekend?

Let’s light up our spirits with Diwali!

Let’s Play Planet!

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