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Travel with Playplanet! [Request an Experience]

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Are you planning your next awesome travel?

How about traveling with locals?

Travel with Playplanet!

design your dream experience_playplanet

We’re here to help you design your own dream travel experience. Wherever you go- Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal, or Korea, you can experience deeper and more authentic travel experiences with locals. We won’t bring you to tourist spots and landmarks. Instead, we will create a travel itinerary that helps you see, hear, taste, and feel local daily life. What’s more, these experiences are tailor-fitted to your hobbies and interests. We want to make sure you get to enjoy what you do with locals. ๐Ÿ™‚

For example, if you’re traveling in Korea, here are some of our recommended local travels!

Cooking with a Korean Mom


Have a cooking class in a Hanok (traditional Korean house) with a friendly Korean mom! She enjoys cooking and meeting foreigners. She speaks English well too! Instead of having lunch at a random Korean restaurant (where you can’t even read the menu!), why don’t you share a meal with her (and her adorable son) instead? Click here to book her experience~

Shop withย a Local Friend

souvenir playlpanetDon’t know which souvenirs to buy? ย Where are the real Korean-made products? Let a local guide you into finding the most authentic souvenirs in town.

hanbok palyplanetAfter souvenir-shopping, why not try wearing the Hanbok (Korea’s traditional clothes)? This makes for an awesome travel memory! If you’re coming to Seoul, book this experience!

Meet a Korean Family

KakaoTalk_20151030_155959629Discover the life of an urban Korean family! Our local host family are musicians, travelers, and teachers. You can listen to their outdoor musical performance and have a meal with them at their humble home after. They also have 2 adorable children who would love to play with you!


After eating, they’ll bring you around their hometown, Hapjeong, where there are a lot of stylish shops and cafes. Let’s live the urban life! Click here to travel with them~

We also help you create your own dream travels in other countries in Asia! Here’s how:

  1. Head on to our website letsplayplanet.com
  2. Click ‘Request an Experience‘.
  3. Fill out the form and send.

It’s that easy! We’ll use your details and interests to create the best local travel experience for you. Give it a try and get ready for an awesome journey! ๐Ÿ˜€

travel with locals playplanet

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