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Malaysian Movie Hangout

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New Year, New event

New Year will coming and we here in Playplanet will prepare a new event for you! Are you looking for something different to do during weekends? How about something unique from normal foreign meet up? Yes we make it happen! Let’s join us at our event “Malaysian movie hangout” 

We want to bring it closer to you.  Let’s get relax and spend the lovely weekend with new people and watch Malaysian movie. We will cook the food and savor it during the movie time. The movie will be the famous and great movie among Malaysian with English subtitles.

What will we cook? 

Malaysia are well known with the spicy and sweet food. In Korea Malaysian food is difficult to find but it is easy to make! We ready with 3 menu to make! We will prepare Nasi Goreng Kampung (Malay fried rice), Kek Batik and the drink will be Sirap Bandung! “Nasi Goreng Kampung” or Malay fried rice is not the typical fried rice, with little touch of spiciness and saltiness it will make the fried rice more authentic but don’t worry it wont be too spicy!

For those with a sweet tooth you will definitely would love the dessert. The drink ‘Sirap Bandung’ absolutely will make your day! Just look at the color will make you fall in love.

Why Malaysia? 

As we know nowadays there’s many Malaysian people here studying in Korea and some Korean people also want to know about Malaysian culture. Me as a Malaysian who live here, would feel so happy if many people from other country could join this  event so we could share our experience in Korea, we also have our local Korean will join us.

Have you ever wonder about my country and my culture?  then, instead of wondering? why don’t you join this event and we can share our story together. Is not only about country is more about what we learn from other culture. I also could share with you some travel tips to my country. 

Join us and enjoy on the weekend with many fun things to do. We can’t wait to meet you! ^^

Sign up now and get 10% discount for this event! 


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