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Travel Guide: 24 Hours in Seoul

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It might be the capital city of South Korea, the home of Kpop waves and unique fashion are belong. The city where urban and traditional meet. Korea just getting famous after the drama and their music has stolen million of hearts.   Travel in Seoul wont be difficult and more flexible than you thought . Some tourist said ” As long as I could see subway exit somewhere, I will not get lost in Seoul” 

Lost In Seoul..

Must Visit

The best part of travelling in Seoul are their tourist attraction. The memory just priceless to coming here and enjoy the spectacular view of some old palace in the city!  The must visit place in Seoul is their masterpiece heritage Gyeongbokgung Palace. This palace represented the sovereignty of the Joseon Dynasty. 

There is a survey conducted, by Seoul Development Institute, It listed 39 percent of residents, voted that this place is the most scenic location in Seoul following by Mount Namsan and Han River in the top spots.. The scenery inside gets better the further you go in. Highly recommend this place for everyone and this place have an open area with plenty of room. This is one of ancient historical sites that is still well preserved till today.




There are many type of transportation in Korea and for most tourist, Korean subway system probably one of the most efficient and user friendly they ever seen. Besides that Seoul offer such inexpensive Taxis system. The buses also could be more faster than the subway depending on the time a day but Seoul problem always be their heavy traffic. On the other hand people prefer subway than the bus as the subway is the best public transportation in Seoul!

Must Stay

If you are travelling as a family or a group of friends, stay at guesthouse will be a good option instead of hotel. For example rent one dormitory in guesthouse that can accommodate up to 6 people and some of the guesthouse provide free rice, kimchi and Ramen. For the dormitory room, it will costs around ₩17,000 ($15) per night/per person! Most of the guesthouse are located in the city and easy to access. If you want something more authentic and local then you should try the  Hanok Village Guesthouse. 

Alternatively, for a taste of luxury, try The Shilla Hotel. This 5* hotel is located in the heart of Seoul and one of the famous hotel in Korea. They also show up with their own duty free shop, The Shilla duty free shop just an amazing selection of over 500 designers brands featuring luxury fashion, jewelry, cosmetics and other items 

Must Shop

In the heart of Seoul, Namdaemun is one the largest traditional market in Korea with over 10,000 stores that line on the streets around. With variety of products that you can buy and way more cheaper compare to other shopping places. This market is seriously crowded, so be prepared to get bumped around!

If you feel peckish, take the opportunity to graze at the dozens of food stalls; try mandu gook, a simple and savory dumpling soup, or bindae duk, a skillet-fried mung-bean pancake. In addition this place also a good place to buy souvenir for your friends and family during your trip to Seoul. The place where you could find many  stuff and enjoy your day with many food to taste.


Must Eat

Try Tteokbokki (떡볶이) The Korean street food snack made primarily of chewy rice cakes and fiery, funky gochujang chili paste. It is commonly purchased from street vendors or pojangmacha. In Seoul there is Tteokbokii town in Sindangdong very famous with many choices of tteokbokki. One of  Korean people favourite food!



Must see 

The highest point in Seoul and also the place where Namsan Tower is located, very famous among tourist and young couple, such a romantic place to watch the sun go down on this lofty tower. Its incredible how the whole Seoul city can be seen from Namsan. This place is very romantic and suitable for everyone who coming here to enjoy walking and night view.



Must watch

Be youngster and enjoy the night life at youth street (Hongdae) The place where young people went crazy, the hidden place where the unseen talent show up to grab our attention. Hongdae is most energetic at night. Crowds descend on the place every weekend when streets are filled with live performances. This is one of good place to enjoy yourself with good music and street performance.  With open space for everyone to see and enjoy the energetic night life in Seoul.


If you are travelling alone do not be afraid to try many kind of activity here. For more frenzy, brace yourself to travel outside of Seoul, there’s so many good place such as Busan, Jeju and many more.  Meet the local people and make new friend while travelling!

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