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Fish Market 3 in 1 (Stroll, play & eat with local)

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This is the special edition for Noryangjin market. We are ready with our  primary event next week. This event will be held at Noryangjin Fish Market, the biggest wet market in Seoul. We going to do 3 things. (Stroll, Play and eat) Are you ready to join this special event?

Do you know how to order the food at local fish market? I am going to teach you how to call various fishes and give an order by Korean. Then, you are moving to fish stall and giving an order the fish by yourselves like locals. I will also give a secret tips how to enjoy Korean sashimi more delicious. Don’t afraid to try this awesome chanllege, you must feel happy with the activity as it will be fun if you bring along your friends!



Are you seafood lover? Here is Seafood Heaven!

If it swims in the ocean and it’s edible, chances are you will find it for sale here by some 700 vendors. You can see the fresh catch of the day before it ends up on the tables of restaurants throughout Seoul. Once inside, you are greeted with a cacophony of sights and smells. I will bring you to see many types of seafood that available here. For seafood lover this place must to be in your list to visit.


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The olest and largest seafood market in Seoul

Korea’s market culture is vast and eclectic. The Noryangjin Fish Market, in the heart of Seoul, is truly a gem among them. It opened in 1927 and is Seoul’s oldest and largest indoor seafood market. It’s essentially an aquarium, where the sights are for sale and the fare is delicious. The official name is Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market.

[Meeting Point]

– Exit 01 of Noryangjin station (line no.1, blue line)

– Fish dishes
– Learn how to call, order and enjoy fishdishes like local people

– Transportation to Noryangjin station
– Drink

– Origin : 50,000 KRW (50 USD)
– Early bird : 40,000 KRW (40 USD)
** If you book this tour at now, you can pay as early bird price!!

Click  here to reserve your space.

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