Noryangjin Fish Market (My First visit)

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13 Jan 2016 By Lina

As a foreigner who live in Korea, I always hunt for some good and unique activity to do. I have been to many places all over Seoul but I never been to the fish market as I know that the Noryangjin Fish market is the biggest fish market in Seoul.  We speak out our idea to all the member and here in Playplanet we have a good plan for all foreigners in Korea. We heard so many people want to go to Noryangjin but they not sure about the location and where is Noryangjin fish Market located.  We have organized an event called “Fish market 3 in 1 (Stroll, Play and eat). We will collaborate with local Korean guy to bring people to Noryangjin to see the real picture of this biggest market. As it well known as the biggest market with variety of seafood, I’m really excited before I came here. On the  day of the event participant will stroll around this market, we will play some games and our tour guide will teach us how to buy fish in Korean way, well it sounds like very interesting because it is interesting!

I’ve been to Noryangjin with another PlayPlanet member (YB) to see this wet market and recorded few video. We also met the tour guide, we talked about lot of things especially about what kind of activity that suitable for our event next week. We find the good restaurant too. For next week event we will going to taste many kind of seafood, it will be around 5 to 6 seafood dishes such as (Prawn,Crab,Octopus,Fish and oysters). As this is first time for me to be at Noryangjin. I had a good feeling that the event will going to be great. We will have a good time with all the participants. We made a short video for my first time visit to Noryangjin. Simple video with nice quality to share.  Enjoy!

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