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The pleasing day in Noryangjin Fish Market (Enjoy the fresh taste of seafood)


19 Jan 2016 By Lina

“When was the last time you eat fresh seafood, for the first time?” Today was a special day for my stomach. My stomach must thank me for feeding it with  fresh seafood from Noryangjin Fish Market, the biggest wet market in Seoul or I call it Seafood Heaven in Seoul.  I was at Noryangjin fish market for our PlayPlanet event  “Fish Market 3 in 1 (Stroll, Play and Eat)”  Today’s a very cold day, the weather  just too cold but I’m not feel the cold too much as my stomach really hunting for the foods.

Arrived at Noryangjin Fish Market, We met the local tour guide and other participants. I’m really excited for this event as I heard each of us will experiencing  to buy the seafood and we need to speak Korean. I feel elated to try it! Since I cannot speak Korean very well, I hope I could learn something today.  The tour guide taught us how to pronounce seafood name, how to order the food and how to call the vendor. It was a good experience to speak and buy something in Korean as I’m not really confident with my Korean same goes to other participants cause we are foreigners but Thank god we made it!


We bought seafood such as Sashimi, Oyster, Clam, Squid and many more. I’m not very good in giving tips or trick but just a simple tips from me, as this market very big and long, you should walk til the end of the market so you could correlate the price. I noticed the price at the front a bit expensive compare to the last row but they focusing and sell the same thing.   Basically do not feel boring and lazy to walk around the market til the end of the corner. There’s many unique seafood you could find here, you will find something unique trust me!  For this event, each of us need to buy something and speak Korean with the vendors. It was a bit funny when the tour guide taught us to call the vendor beautiful if she’s woman and call he handsome if he’s a man. The vendors can’t deny the giggling and smiling when they heard we call him handsome.  Probably we look like the aliens to them. Aliens who haunting for fresh seafood in Seoul.




After we finished the seafood tour at the market. We went to the nearest Restaurant to have dinner together with the tour guide. Our tour guide asked the owner to cook, the seafood that we bought at the market. The Sashimi looks nice and delicious, We can wrap the sashimi with lettuce, eat with soy sauce, chili paste and put some garlic. When I saw the sashimi, the colors look nice, I never taste Korean sashimi then I’m not sure about the taste but I need to taste it no matter what because I always wanted to try something fresh and new. I still remember there’s one quote I saw at my favorite restaurant in KL, it says ” I’m on a seafood diet, I see food and I eat it!”

I opened my mouth and eat slowly cause I’m not really like raw food but after I taste it, it feels like I’m in the sea and swimming with the fish. Sounds funny and ridiculous but that’s the reality. The taste of the sashimi  so fresh and juicy, it were prefect with soy sauce and wasabi. I feel flying for few minutes.. Then I tried other seafood too and I remember the taste of the oyster, the oyster just huge and smell nice. I will always remember the taste, I hope there’s repeat button for this moment.




While having dinner, our dining room never quiet, the room just full of laughter, we talked with each other like we have known each other for a long time. Even we just met but it such a good moment to share our story living in Korea together. We also sharing tips about good places in Seoul. The tour guide suggested many good places, I hope I can write  down everything he said! For me the overall,  this event just right on time. I having so much fun meet new people, I learnt how  to order something in Korean and the most important thing, now I can proudly say I’m a new seafood lover! I have another good memory with Playplanet.. Travel with local host always a good way to discover new thing without missing the old thing..  Remember “I always on a seafood diet, I see food and I eat it”

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