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Volunteer while Travel (Sweet Potato Mama)


Volunteer travel is the perfect way to explore the world in a meaningful way. Instead of just stroll the city by yourself and just follow the itinerary you found on internet. Let’s change the way you travel. Nowadays traveling are more than just walking and sightseeing. There’s another way to delight your real travel time.

Let’s live as a local for a day! It is like the free day-tours allows visitors to experience local daily life. If you plan to travel to Taiwan. Let’s experience the real local activity and travel like no other. One of the volunteer project we call it as “Sweet Potato Mama”. Through this experience, you will hep single mothers in their daily life as the seller of sweet potato on the street. 


Nothing feel better than helping hand from other people. Even you will travel  to Taiwan just for a short time but through these kind of experience, you will see the real picture of Taiwan, Taiwan not only develop as a modern urban city but you still can enjoy the traditional and local way !  Together let’s create the memory with local people and give smile on their face.


Sweet potato symbolizes an important part of Taiwanese food tradition, and every Taiwanese must have tasted it some time before. Therefore, the founder of Genesis Social Welfare Foundation wishes to help single mothers to make a living independently on their own. Pushing a portable traditional oven that is shaped like a big drum, the mamas work almost everyday to support their family. Through volunteer experience you will help the Mama in many ways.


What will you experience through this project?  Here in Playplanet we collaborate with our local host in Taiwan to promote these kind of volunteer travel activity.

What will you do?

Tour Highlights

  • Help single mother “Sweet Potato Mama” in Taiwan and support Genesis Social Welfare Foundation.
  • Learn about the tradition of Sweet Potato Mamas and how they earn a living selling street snacks
  • Clean, Cut, and Sell the yams
  • Chatting with the mamas or other participants
  • Taste sweet potatoes roasted by the Sweet Potato Mamas

Every single penny you spent for this experience it will help the mother for better life. Change the way you travel, help them in your way and book your experience here  

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