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Korean Halal street food Tour

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By Lina,

“Food” is one of the good way to experience the real ‘taste’ of one country. Living as a Muslim in Seoul, I’m not facing  big problem with food but food still one of the problems. For me I really enjoy Korean street food and I learned about local Korean food through my Korean friends. I keep asking them the ingredient and how they cook the food. I sometimes asks the vendors what the ingredient they use to made the foods. Don’t be surprise that we can eat lot of Korean food for Muslim too the ingredient mostly edible. Such as Tteobokki and Gimbab or even Hotteok, we can eat them all but Please be careful if some of the food might contain ham or beef , usually for Gimbap the vendors put ham and we can request one without ham or we can eat tuna gimbap too.


It will be more better to eat something when you confident about the ingredient. As in Islam also mentioned about if you not confident with the food it’s better not to eat cause it can be ‘haram’. I met many Muslim travelers and they keep complain about food as for them it’s difficult to get halal food. At the same time they also wanted to try street food but not confident with the ingredient. I was thinking to share my knowledge and info about Korean food to Muslim travelers.


Let’s experience Halal Korean street food with me! I learned about the ingredient and I went checked the market where I will bring Muslim travelers to taste street food I will bring you to one of the famous traditional local Market in Mangwon. Mangwon Market has some good eats, the product always fresh and you can’t beat the low prices anywhere else, this place not really famous among tourist compare to other market like (Gwangjang or Namdaemun) but well known among Korean. We will stroll around this Market that not only focus for street food but there’s also other section such as wet market, restaurant and clothes shop.


Through this tour , not only you enjoy street food but at the same I will show you the real local market, where you could see the real life of Korean people. The traditional market where you could see many things and local product. Not just traditional market, Myeongdong also one of the famous shopping street where you could found lot of street food. I will bring you to Myeongdong only on request 🙂



So are you ready to join my tour and taste Halal street food?! Let’s join this tour and share your travel experience with me! I also could give you lot of info about Muslim travel in Korea. Just remember! Before back to your country you should taste Korean street food first for great travel experience! See you on “Halal street food Tour”

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