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Where can you get with 5 dollar budget meal in Korea

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Travel to Korea just super easy when you have nice plan and good budget, however how to survive with 5 Dollar budget meals in Korea? Here the answer :

  1. Convenience store

Don’t be surprise when I tell you that with 5 dollar you can get 2 times meals.  Depends on the meals and what so surprise the food really nice portion and can make you  full and satisfied. The food could be Kimbap (Rice roll)  the rice roll that available with many flavor such as “Bulgogi, Kimchi, tuna and many more” or Samgak-Kimbap (triangle rice) covered with dry seaweed but then if you feel not enough and you need the real lunch, you can buy the lunch box. Yes there’s lunch box  selling at convenience store with rice and few side dishes, chicken or beef. Even you can get hot dog and fish cake. Basically enjoy the lunch at convenience store might be the new experience for you in Korea plus there’s hot water and microwave in the convenience store, you can relish your lunch without to worry much about the price. Enjoy dine  as much as you can. For the convenience store the average price  around 800 won to 4500 (70 cent – 4 dollar) From samgak-kimbab to lunch box

For Muslim Travelers : You still can enjoy the samgak-kimbab with Tuna or kimchi filling.

Enjoy the instant noodle
캡처 1
Samgak-Kimbab(Triangle Kimbab)

2. Korean Traditional  Market 

When we talk about low-cost food, the traditional market in Korea offers lot of food and local ingredient, the seller  usually senior citizen and selling handmade food,sometimes it is better than restaurant and fast food chain. There’s lot of traditional market in Korea but the famous one probably  “Gwangjang market, Mangwon market and Namdaemun market.  With variety of food in the market you can enjoy noodles or rice below 5 dollar. There’s also famous noodle soup in Mangwon market, the price only 3 dollar with really huge portion. What make it special is the homemade food and fresh product they sell to people. You also will found they selling doughnut 3 for 1 dollar, is it interesting?  obviously  with 5 dollar, pretty sure you can get alot! The price of noodles and rice around (3500-5500) (3- 5dollar)

3 dollar meal be like..  Too amazing
Korean doughnut~ Yummy!

3. Noryangjin market area

Have you heard about Noryangjin? yeah well known with the fish market, In Noryangjing there’s located many institution and academy in that neighborhood.  Since that area a bit crowded and many students, the hawker selling competitive price food.  Even the lunch box and the bibimbap affordable for the student to buy. Noryangjin area very easy to access and one of the famous places in Seoul among local. The normal lunch box you can deal at Noryangjin is around (2500= 5000) 2-5 dollar.

Not a very simple food 🙂
Pick one your lunch!

4. Street Food 

 Korean street food more authentic and easy to get, if you see many stall on the street and there’s where you could found the street food. Korean signature street food such as tteobokki, sundae, fish cake and Korean dumpling, very common among travelers and Korean people, even some Korean people prefer  street food more than  restaurant. The price reasonable  and the vibe totally Korean style. If you traveling to Korea, you must try the street food to complete your trip experience. The price usually around (500- 4000 won ) (30 cent – 4 dollar) from fish cake to Tteobokki.

Famous Korean street food

5. University area 

One of the alternative to hunt the good food around Seoul is the University area. not only around that area you also can go inside the University and enjoy your time eating at the canteen. Since there’s lot of student around University area, the vendor also consider to put the price and of course is inexpensive. There’s many restaurant around University area and the food, pretty good too! You can but noodle or rice and variety of menu available, but for student they usually share the money so that they can order nice food instead of separate one by one. Reasonable price usually around ( 4000- 7000 won ) ( 3-6 dollar)

Look tasty!
Food around Ewha Women Univeristy

So don’t worry if you only have 5 dollar for food budget per day, you still can survive in Korea. Don’t afraid to explore many good and cheap restaurant around Seoul. You will find something new there!

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