Seoul Halal Tour with 10 local activities

Things to do 10 activities in Korea


Activity 01 : One day in Hanbok, experience Korean traditional clothes

Hanbok is the traditional Korean dress. It is often characterized by vibrant colors and simple lines without pockets.. You could experience of wearing Korean traditional outfit which is (Hanbok) The Hanbok display at the closet just colourful and travelers could choose their own hanbok. You can wear the hanbok just for taking picture or you can wear hanbok to Namsan Tower. –>  http://bit.ly/1TGYLPy


Activity 02 : Photograph in Namsan Tower

Namsan Tower were remarks as the highest point in Seoul, Korea. Famous places and always being featured in Korean drama, you can see and notice there’ will be “love tree lock” the tree fulled with couple pad locks. Nice location to take photo. Enjoy few hours around Namsan Tower.



Activity 03. Present to past (travel back in time)

Namsangol Hanok village, peaceful village and  spot to encounter traditional Korean culture and houses from the Joseon era, Here you can takepart  in cultural programs including making traditional paper (hanji).This hanok village really represent the dynasty of Joseon.




Activity 04: Explore one of the most famous places in Korea (Nami Island) 

Nami Island is a tiny half-moon shaped island located in Chuncheon. Nami island is one of the famous place among tourist, with the big hit of the Korean drama “Winter Sonata” makes the island is one of the top tourist spot followed by Namsan Tower. Arrive in Nami Island, you can enjoy your time just walking around the area as this area is quite big to explore.

Activity 05 : Cycling in Nami island

As Nami is too big to explore by walking, you can enjoy the view of this unique island by cycling. The bicycle is divided to 2 type  single-serve bike or  Couple-serve bike, you can choose either one to ride it with partner or alone. Cycling around Nami Island, you will pass by the bridge. This bridge leads to another really famous spot from “Winter Sonata”

Activity 06 : Noryangjin Fish market (Stroll, Play & Eat)

The Noryangjin Fish Market, in the heart of Seoul is the oldest and largest indoor seafood market. You could enjoy and see fresh seafood in this biggest market.The guide will bring you all over this biggest market and you could try to buy your own seafood.Learn few Korean words so that you could feel more close to the call people. –> http://bit.ly/1Ojvpq7




Activity 07 : Korea time travel (Joseon Dynasty)  

Visit the famous palace in Korea which is (Gyeongbokgung Palace) Originaly the palace from Joseon Dynasty and now The palace is one of the main attraction in Seoul Korea. Visiting this heritage palace will make you understand more about Korea history and heritage.

Activity 08 :  Shopping spree at Dongdaemun

Dongdaemun is well known with their famous Design plaza and shopping area around the district. The common place among tourist to get and shop latest Korean fashion clothes. With the mixed of urban and traditional shopping area.


Activity 09 : Make Your kimbap at Mapo centre

Get the experience of making your own gimbap at Mapo center. The famous rice roll in Korea. make From Rice, various of vegetables, egg or cheese. Geady to roll your gimbap with us. You will be guide by local people in process of making kimbap. The kimbap will be your dinner at one Han river.

Activity 10 :  Picnic at Han River and enjoy the night view

Han River always being highlight as one of the romantic place among couple in Korea. You will enjoy the nice night view of Seoul city from Han River. Let’sn picnic together! The last dinner will be really light and relax.We open the mat for you, prepare all the stuff for the picnic. You will enjoy the sunset at han river.




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