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Gimbap making experience! (Let’s roll the Gimbap!)

Have you heard about Gimbap? some people called it ‘Korean sushi’. Gimbap is one of my favorite Korean food but never thought of making it by myself but this time, my family came to Korea to visit me and I brought them to experience make Gimbap with PlayPlanet local host. When we arrived all the ingredient already be prepared, we just need to roll it and put our favorite ingredient.


To make Gimbap, we need  few ingredients such as ‘rice,dried seaweed, carrot, radish pickles, egg or add tuna and cheese” I really excited to make my own Gimbap, same goes to my family, this is their first experience to try these kind of thing.  Sun as our local host, she taught us how to roll the Gimbap, she demonstrated first and we followed her steps. We are not the only people who participated, there’s also one girl ‘Sunny’ from Hong Kong joined this experience.



The first time to rolled the Gimbap, honestly it was a bit difficult to make it in pretty round shaped but after a while I became master of gimbap making hahha. It was nice that I chose my own ingredient. Since I’m muslim, mostly in Korea people put ham so I can replace ham with Tuna and cheese. if you don’t eat pickles or carrot you can remove it too!


Finish making Gimbap, we enjoyed eating it. The taste was too amazing cause we made it by  our self. I ate a lot, my family also liked it. My mom also talked about that she wanted to make Gimbap when she back to Malaysia later. Finished eating, Sun packed us some Gimbap so that we can bring it home, she even prepared for us Korean dessert too. Feels like healing energy for us.  It was such a nice experience with Sun. I was so happy same goes to my family. One of the best memory in Seoul making Gimbap with Korean friend.



What do you think about this experience?  is it good? Let’s try this with your family and friends if you come to Korea later!  It must be awesome to try with your beloved ones!

Book your experience here  with local host!

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