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Korean Dessert cafe Tour (Bingsu Hopping)

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If you have a sweet tooth, I’m sure you will excited to hear this experiences. There’s lot of Cafe in Seoul and each cafe usually had their own signature dessert. In Korea one of the famous dessert people love to eat is “Pat bingsu” or Korean shaved ice. Patbingsu used to be the traditional dessert but now there’s many type of bingsu with many flavor available. I lead my family to enjoy one of the Playplanet unique experience which is ‘Dessert cafe Tour’  Through this experience you can explore and taste Bingsu from many Cafe in Seoul.

Sulbing cafe Design
Mamang Gateau Cafe in Hapjeong

The first stop we went to Sulbing. Sulbing is the most famous bingsu cafe in Seoul. I ordered 2 bowl of bingsu, Redbean and blueberry flavor. After the big dinner we had before, enjoying shaved ice absolutely the best decision. My mom really love dessert and she looks so happy eating the bingsu

Waiting the Bingsu to be prepare
Red bean and Blueberry Bingsu
Full set of Bingsu!

After Sulbing, we went to Hapjeong area to taste the caramel Bingsu at Mamang Gateau  cafe. The bingsu not really sweet as the bingsu at Sulbing, the taste of the caramel just perfect, This cafe is really famous among local people but not tourist. For me I want to bring them to really local cafe and area so that they can taste the real taste of Korean dessert.

Caramel Bingsu

After enjoyed eating many flavor of Bingsu, we cool down our stomach with hot coffee. I asked my family what they  thought about the bingsu, and they said they really liked it. The taste of the shaved ice totally different from the one in my country.    The cafe also not the typical cafe for them, they enjoy the dessert and the decoration in the cafe also. I hope I could bring many travelers to experience this unique experience while in Seoul. Is it sounds interesting to join? let’s join me and explore many unique cafe in Seoul. I will bring you enjoy Korean dessert too. Reserve your space here!

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