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Korean Halal Street Food Tour experience

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I’m Lina, the local host for halal street food tour in Seoul, as my family coming to Korea, I had planned lot of things for them to enjoy and explore Korea. When it comes to food, my mom not really fussy about food as long as it is halal, she will enjoy it. I asked them at which area they wanted to try street food? they said Myeongdong so I brought them to Myeongdong or well known as cosmetic heaven with variety of street food.

Start Food Tour in Myeongdong
I’m sure they excited! ๐Ÿ˜€

In Myeongdong, there’s lot of street food but most of them not really halal except for some foods. It must be difficult for tourist to ask the vendors about the ingredients ย as the tourist cannot speak Korean however some vendors can speak English a bit. For me I’m not facing any big problem looking for halal food as I already knew which stall is suitable for Muslims, I already explored halal street around Myeongdong area.

The egg bread!
Korean traditional snack (Hotteok)
Tornado Potato seems extraordinary!

When we arrived in Myeongdong, the road not really crowded probably because it was on weekday so this area less tourists. I brought my sister enjoy few street food such as, egg bread,tornado potato, fried shrimp, hotteok and butter squid. All this foods, you can found anywhere in Myeongdong but just be careful as some of the store selling other ingredient too.If you travel to Korea, you should try the street food then I believe, you will fall in love with the taste of the food.

Seems like they already full after eating lot of delicious street food!
Are you ready for the next food?!

Have you heard about Tteobokki? Yes famos spicy rice cake in Korea. Many travelers and also Muslim travelers, wanted to try spicy rice cake but feel afraid about the ingredient. With me they don’t have to worry as I will bring them to Sindang the tteobokki town. This Restaurant sell the best tteobokki in this area plus is halal because the restaurant not serve any meat or pork and otherย prohibited ingredient. This restaurant also famous among Muslim travelers and people keep mentions about in on the blog. I brought my family here to have dinner.

Eating tteobokki at one of the best tteobokki restaurant in this area.
Waiting the tteobokki to cook.

I felt happy brought my family joined this food tour as I wanted to show and bring many Muslim travelers to try Korean street food halal way. You can choose where to enjoy your street food as Myeongdong sometimes a bit crowded, I always bring other travelers to

Happy eating with my family

You want me to be your local host for ‘Korean halal street food tour’? Book your experience here!ย 


  • Hi sis.. Thank you so much for ur valuable info on halal food alhamdulillah. Jazakumullah khoiron katsiron.

    Don’t mind me asking… At Yoogane Myeongdong 1st store, for halal food, we can only try the seafood fried rice? The chicken Galbi with cheese is not halal?

    Thanks (“,)

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