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Let’s experience the Running Man challenge at Yangpyeong

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Are you a big fan of Running Man? Have you ever imagine yourself playing Running Man games? Let’s experience the Running Man vibes in Yangpyeong. Follow us to experience the game in the Running Man! Instead of just watch on TV, why don’t you join this experience together with us. Let’s complete the mission together  :

  • Let’s complete all the challenges to be “Running man” champion
  • Exciting Local activities (Canoe Racing, Picking Fresh and Sweet Strawberry)
  • Enjoy natural scenery including mountain, lake and forest
Enjoy the long train riding

From Seoul, we will take the train to Yangpyeong and it takes 1-1.5 hours journey. This is  going to be nice experience travel to countryside by train. This trip is totally different from other trip. This activity will give you experience of canoeing, Picking fresh strawberry and explore Yangpyeong.  You need to show your capabilities and competitive spirit in an isolated area. Cooperation with other travelers is also an important key to solve the challenges. A secret prize is waiting for travelers who will solve all the challenges.

Lina and Tuti enjoy strawberry picking 
Strawberry farm challenge .
9 복사본.jpg
Enjoy your strawberry after you pluck it! 

If you never try ride on canoe before, you must be feel excited to try on this activity. While canoeing, you can

enjoy the beautiful scenery of the village and farm. . It has natural scenery including mountains, rivers and lakes. And, Korean local activities which you have watched in movies and dramas can also be found here. If you still have free time after this tour, you can visit many drama and movie filming sites.

Canoeing at the lake
Countryside really look nice and calm 

After canoeing, we will start our running mission here! We will provide you Running man tshirt with the name tag with your name on it. The mission will not be as difficult as in the real Running man program but there’s also physical challenge and mind game challenge.

Write on your own Korean name
ready to stick the name tag at the back.
Rock, scissors, paper
It was really nice experience with other travelers too!
We are Running Man champion~ 😀

If you really enjoy watching Running Man, You should come and join us for this unique activity. Is it sounds interesting?! Let’s join us now!

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