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9 Local activities for Muslim travelers in Seoul!

Just forget all the ordinary activities you found on tripadvisor,  Here the cool and awesome things to do in Korea for Muslims! Something rare but the experience will be really different from other people. Be prepare for the new bucket list.  9 experience for you!

1.Make the kimbap with Korean friends

Instead of just making Kimchi, this is also something unique to try with your friend while travel to Korea. Kimbap or the English name (Ricel roll)  are one of the famous food in Korea. Korean people really like it as it is easy to make of course delicious!  The good way to enjoy making is bring along your friends. This experience are suitable for all people, you can choose what to put inside your kimbap. Ham or sausage and for Muslim people you can replace it with Tuna and cheese. is that sound interesting? When kimchi is too mainstream to try, here come the Kimbap! Book your experience here 

Roll the Kimbap Experience


2. Wearing Hanbok like a local 

Hanbok is the Korean traditional outfit and it always be in travelers cucket list when people travel to Korea. Get the experience of wearing hanbok with really low price at the information center such as “Insadong Information center, Seoul Global Cultural center) with the costs only 3-5 dollars per session you are allowed to wear it in the studio. If you want to get the real experience , you can try to wear the hanbok outside from the studio however the costs will reach up to 10 dollar. the minimum price to wear Hanbok outside from the studio is around 13- 50 dollars. Check some nice photo of Muslim travelers with hanbok here 

Hanbok wearing at Gyeongbokgung palace

3. Taste the Korean traditional tea in Hanok style cafe 

Korea just full with good coffee shop, the urban, the hipster the traditional the theme cafe and yet the traditional coffee shop are more worthy to visit. Get the experience to taste Korean traditional tea with some snacks. There’s lot of Korean traditional tea shop in Insadong, such a good place to escape the touristy area while relaxing our mind.  Spend you time to taste the good tasty tea and enjoy the view in the tea house. Click here to check here the name of the famous tea shop in Korea!

Korean traditional tea & snacks

4. Ride along the Han River 

Han River always being highlight in any K-drama also the famous place among Korean. One of the famous Han River spot is in Yeouido park. Move away the laziness and go cycle in Han River. There’s a place to rent the bicycle, you just need to to pay around 3 dollars for one hour. You should try! ride on the bike and cycle along the Han River during sunset, it probably the best thing and sweet experience for each travelers. Click here to join the experience with your Korean friend!

Cycling in Han River

5. Explore Seoul oldest Neighborhood (Seochon Village) 

There’s many nice place around Seoul and less crowded with tourist, Seochon village the place with 80’s vibes of old Korea. The place that will bring back all your childhood memories. This area are not well known yet among travelers but all the shops and environment are probably, the nicest place you ever seen before. Experience the real local culture and history  old Korea. Located in the heart of Seoul city, this area are easy to find. Get ready with camera cause you must have lot of good picture to take!  Click here to meet your local host in Seochon~

Seochon Village

6. Traditional Market and food adventure.

This activity will be so great if you bring along your friends! There’s lot of good nice food to try in traditional market. Traditional markets in Korea are like the spot for food lover and ready for  adventurous dishes, vegetarian delights and some common enough food too. Let’s dig more local ingredient and real local taste in traditional market. Famous traditional market in Korea like Gwangjang,  Namdaemun  and  Mangwon market. Explore Korean market. Check out the tour here 

Gwangjang Market

7. Make your own souvenir in Buckchon Hanok Village 

One of the awesome activity you can try while travel in Korea is make you own souvenir, instead of just buy the ready made souvenir, bring yourself to try to make your own souvenir in Buckchon Hanok village. Not only just create your own souvenir, you also will appreciate more the beauty of handmade product plus you get the experience with local people! Bring home you handmade product and proudly show to your buddies! The price to enjoy making souvenir in Insadong usually around 10 dollars! 😀

Korean traditional Hand fan


8. Make up tour with Korean Beauty host!

Have you ever imagine yourself go shop tons of make up in Korea and accompany by Korean beauty host? Here one of the very unique activity you can do in Seoul! Go shopping with Korean beauty host also will be your buddy soon! Gets the beauty tips as much as you can and they will help you to choose the best skin product. Suitable for group and make up lover! Are you ready to meet your beauty host?! Click here to book


9.Wander around Korean traditional palace at night 

Deoksugung(덕수궁) is the one of the five palaces remained in Seoul. It  is the only palace in the Seoul city that allow visitor to explore and visit that area at night, the vibe and environment of the palace at night are totally different from the morning . At night the feels are just real and closed to the old Era. Very nice place to take picture and explore at night. Wander around this palace will be one of the perfect new bucket list for you to try! Click here to try!

Beautiful view of Korean traditional palace

All the activity listed above are based on our experience! and of course there’s still many activity and nice things you can do in Seoul! Don’t afraid to try all these activity when you come to Seoul later. Book you experience and see the different side of Korea!

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