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Sailing Experience in the Beautiful Island of Palawan

Let’s sail along the Palawan Island

Have you ever imagine yourself, sail over the blue ocean and enjoy the sunset in one of the most beautiful island in Philippines?

Play Planet has made a very special tour for all the travelers, What can you expect through this trip?

  • Get the real experience of sailing on the Traditional Paraw Sailboat while enjoy the view of blue Palawan Ocean.
  • Let’s meet the local people, eat, talk, and explore the land and ocean with them! 
  • Brace yourself with real local food, explore the island and meet local people on your journey. 
  • Once in a lifetime chance experience. 




Why is this boat so special?

This vessel is truly unique. Adorned with tribal carvings, it is a revival of an almost forgotten Filipino maritime culture. The design of the Bangkas with two outriggers and no deep keel can be dated back for more than 1000 years. Our Paraw was built to keep the tradition of sailing alive in Palawan

What will you experience?

Experience the ultimate expedition aboard the newest member of our fleet, a traditional Paraw sailboat. The Sailing Paraw Expedition is similar to a regular Open Expedition, but is set on a stunning 74-foot sailboat, the largest Paraw in the Philippines. Appreciate the serenity of travelling under a full sail, meandering along our usual route through the beautiful Linapacan group from Coron to El Nido and vice versa. The expedition combines stretches of pure sailing with time for exploring the islands, reefs, and villages along the way. During times of less wind we motor-sail between our island destinations.





Navigating the adventure is our crew barefoot sailors, who were among the traditional craftsmen that built the Paraw. Dive off the outriggers to snorkel around coral reefs and WWII shipwrecks; clamber through caves; stroll along abandoned beaches; socialize with locals and tune-in to the tranquil pace of island life. Each meal is prepared by our amazing cooks with freshly caught seafood and local organic produce.  At the end of each day, we dock in one of the our base-camps. Each one has its own personality, a raw untouched island, a fishing village, an organic farm or our hidden jungle lodge.




We are here to make your dream come true. We created this special tour for the people who really want to join us explore our island. It was designed for a more intimate experience of the islands with your partner, family or friends. It is a luxury for those who understand the idea of being free and away from the crowd. A connection with open nature and an appreciation of simple living. Through this 3 Days 2 Nights expedition, you will experience something that you can never get anywhere else! You will experience the land and ocean. Enjoy the night camping with nice breezy weather, enjoy local food cooked by the women on our land, it will give you the real authentic feeling stay here with us.


Join us for this special and exclusive island expedition!  Are you ready to sail?! Book your experience here!


Book your 3D2N Expedition click here!                           Book your 5D4N Expedition click here! 

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