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Let’s Celebrate Chuseok with Locals!

Have you heard about Chuseok? Chuseok is one of the biggest and most important holidays in Korea. Also to celebrate autumn for Korean or we called it thanks giving day.

Family members from near and far come together to share food and stories and to give thanks to their ancestors Imagine yourself celebrate Chuseok with local Korean in a local way. Have you imagine about that?

Don’t be alone on Chuseok, let’s celebrate together with Korean friends! For this upcoming Chuseok that will arrive soon, we want to share with you the joy & happiness. For  all the traveler who have no idea what to on Chuseok, here,we prepare 4 types of activity that suitable for you to join! Are you ready to be like local?




  1. ” Traditional Chuseok Food cooking with Korean mom”

One of the best thing to try! Let’s get the experience celebrate & cook with Korean mom.  You will enjoy the day go to traditional market where you can see and feel the lively local life and delicious and cheap street food. You also will enjoy the time cooking with our Korean mom and learn about the food with the expert. Not only eating you also will pay the Korean traditional game “Yutnori” which is the Korean traditional game especially for National holidays. All the food are suitable for everyone. If vegan or halal, let me know in advance. You can still enjoy Korean food in vegan or halal ways!  😉  Click here to book the experience!


2.“Riding along the Han River” 

Let’s cycling along the Han River with Korean friends! Han River is one of best place to get relax, enjoy the sunset. .  After riding a bike, we will spread a mat on a grass plot the river and taste local dishes by delivery service. Korea has a quick and convenient delivery service. Also, There are so many options you can order by phone. I will let you know how to use delivery service and taste the dishes with local ways. Book your experience here!



3.  More than just a sauna (Jjimilbang room)

Have you ever heard about Korean “Bang”culture? (“Bang” means room in Korean.) There are lots of “bang” in Korea but they will introduce to you guys.  Jjimjilbang is a great experience for to experience Korea’s unique culture. It’s a warm place to go and relax and get together with friends.  You have to wear a uniform in order to enjoy Korean style sauna and with the sheep towel. This is one more thing which you can’t skip while in a jjimjjilbang. If you like watching Korean dramas, you might have seen some actors and actresses eating egg and sikhye at least once. Now, it’s your turn! Read below the review from travelers!


Click here for more review


4. Walk to Secho, discover hidden Gemas in Seoul

Seochon Village, literally meaning west village, is named in reference to its location west of Gyeongbokgung Palace. The old hanok houses lining the long alleys well harmonize with newly emerging shops and stores. Walking through the alleys that resemble a big maze, visitors will be nicely surprised by murals and adorable pictures. Get your personal experience with us! Book now!


Check more details here


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