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Vegan Day Trip and experience local village in Hongseong

The Vegan Day Trip. It’s not only  just enjoy vegan food but it also about the experience that we will get once in your lifetime. Many people enjoy eating eat meat and some of us are vegan, through this experience you will enjoy the Vegan day trip to Hongseong.Hongseong is a county in South Korea, and the capital of South Chungcheong Province.


What will you experience? 

  • Visit to Moondang organic farming villageMoondang is organic farming village in Hongseong and you will be introduce to the history of the organic farming in this area, the area that has lot of organic and healthy sources. Rural area with nice view. Get the chance to enjoy ambers waves of the grain in the rice paddy field, if you never experience rice field before this is one of the good content to tell your friends too!


  • Healthy vegan food with organic rive wine from local farmsThe moment that we waiting for! Let’s enjoy the homes cooked Korean food that being cooked use local farmer ingredient. The 100% vegan food all are made in healthy way. Happily  eating in buffet style, eat as many as you want  while enjoy the organic rice wine without too much alcohol.


  • Experience authentic Korean arts & culture

    While delightful the perfect vegan dinner, let’s enjoy Korean national music (Gugak) or we called it Korean folk music. One unique aspect of Korean folk music you will come across, is the freedom in the music, the music is really easy to hear with unique instrument. Not only music, you will also enjoy Hanbok fashion show, the Korean traditional outfit and colorful


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