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[Play Planet] Travelers Party in KL!

15 October 2016 The day we finally met our beloved Malaysian local host and travelers. 6 hours flight from Seoul brought us to Kuala Lumpur the multicultural city .  This is Play Planet first Travelers Party in Kuala Lumpur!

We chose Kuala Lumpur for our next travelers party as we could see many request from Malaysian recently. Before the event was held we already met few potential partner and guide. We shared our event on many travel and backpackers group and we received many positive feedback from people who really eager to join.


The biggest main purpose of this travelers party is to invite Malaysia freelance guide, travel startup and travel blogger to build good connection between each other. Play Planet itself we are the bridge for travelers and local people.

The event took place at our own residence in Kuala Lumpur (Regalia Residence). Event start at 4PM but we held special talk for freelance guide at 3PM.


At 3PM we already start our first speech from freelance tour guide. We met few tour guide and started our stories with briefing and self introduction.  We have Lina one of Play Planet member lead the meeting and starting speech. We introduced Play Planet and told them short stories about what Play Planet exactly is.



The real event start at 4PM when finally all people gather and we had more than 20 people in total. It was exactly more than we expect. We prepared slideshow to introduced Play Planet to our potential local hosts and travelers.

The beginning of the presentation, we had introduction of Play Planet by the founder of Play Planet Mdm Seo Sun Mi explained more about how Play Planet start and why we start?  also what the value we tried to spread to the world. Travel are not just travel it also will give us the good impact when we travel in the right way.

After Mdm Seo Sun Mi, we passed to the next presenter which is YB the growth hacker of Play Planet. Yb told all the guest today about Play planet local activities and we listed down activities that suitable for Muslim travelers.

After YB, Lina tell her experience of being local host and what’s the benefit of being local host. We could see some local guide are interested to be local host on Play Planet platform. Not only the benefit, Lina also explained more about how to be the local host, how to upload the content on PP website.


We also shared one of Play Planet travelers story from Nawal who experience “Hanbok wearing and photo shooting” Nawal shortly told us her experience with Play Planet, how she felt satisfied with our service.

Before we finish our presentation, we gave the guest the mission.Below is the special task:



For event 1 we will choose the best picture on Facebook with many like and put the right hashtag, the second event is to write the review about their Korea dream experience. People with many likes and best review we will create their dream, on our website.

Overall the event was a big achievement for Play Planet team, the number of people who are coming are more than we expect and the people are really suits Play Planet style. In the future we really hope to collaborate with many people like this. We would like to say thank you for those people who coming to PP party and support us also PP member who worked hard to make this event success. We hope to make another travelers party again in KL. See you again Kuala Lumpur! Let’s Play Planet!


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