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Discover Hongdae the youth street of Seoul!

If you ask any young people in Korea about the famous places among the youth, surely the answer will Hongdae! This one spot covered other area such as Hapjeong and Yeonnam-dong. Hongdae or the meaning is ( Hongik University) is really famous area for the young people in Korea. During the day time Hongdae just a typical shopping street however at night the vibe will totally change! Hongdae is more energetic at night. Crowds descend on the place on the last weekend of each month, when streets are filled with live performances and loud music from the night clubs.


Even this area famous with the crazy nightlife, instead of the night club, there’s also many way to explore this area.  You can discover few tourist attraction such as “Hello Kitty cafe, Cat cafe, Trick eyes museum and many more”


Explore Hongdae in different way!

Unique things to do in Hongdae

  1. Live Club Tour

When we talk about Hongdae the first thing that came out from the mind is crazy and hectic nightlife but there’s the different way to enjoy the club. How?  Live club! Live club tour in Hongdae will bring you to enjoy several live clubs in Hongdae, getting know the history and experience many clubs in one night! This tour operate every Friday, check the schedule here to join this tour!


 2. Craft workshop & Studio Tour

Not only music, Hongdae also famous with the flea market and craft stuff. There are art workshop places is located in small alley where you can experience to enjoy craft activities and cultural activity. Some of the stores are also offered some extraordinary things to try such as make you own soap and create your own perfume. Something good to bring as souvenir or small gift for the loved ones. Here the pictures and review of the products

3. Street art drawing

Show your talent & skill through art! We met talented woman Bamyeol, who loves drawing and street art. Bamyeol wants to meet travelers & people who love art & drawing.  Read below  Bamyeol story

” Hi, I’m Bambyel who love drawing. The nice weather has comes which is good for taking a walk at night. Why don’t you join my drawing experience and you can express beautiful scenary of Hongdae by drawing?

It’s okay you are not good at drawing. Anyone can join my drawing experience. 🙂 First of all, do self-introduction and do basic drawing practice for a while before start drawing. Then you can find object what you want to draw. Please focus on the object  You can enjoy and express Hongdae with your own way by drawing. I believe drawing is one of the good way to release your stress too! “

Sound awesome right?  Read more stories about Bamyeol here to book your seats and show your talent to her!


Hongdae not only as the urban spot for young people at the same time also as the place to discover the different side of Seoul. Not only wander around but as the place to show your talent to public. Let’s explore Hongdae!

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