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Play Planet at YES 2016 ( Youth Empowerment Symposium)

It was a nice moment when Play Planet founder were invited to be one of the speaker  for the YES 2016 (Youth Empowerment Symposium). This event was organised by Malaysian Students Organization (PPMK & KUK).

Event was held at Dongyang Mirae University on 5th November 2016. Play Planet made the first opening slot. Play Playnet founder Mdm Sun Mi lead the first session. She opened her story about her, she roughly explained about her life traveling abroad and what she found during her trip abroad. All the student seem excited just listened Mdm Sun Mi stories.



The students look really interested in Mdm Sun Mi story how she started travel and her stories really related with one and other. Then she continued about how she started created Play Planet. We are not only the platform, we are the bridge that connect travelers  and local people.



After finished the session, we are ready for Q&A time! This time we have 2 moderators on the stage. Student can simply ask anything from Mdm Sun Mi but before started the Q&A session. Mdm Sun Mi called Lina the marketing specialist from Malaysian to be on the stage to answer the question together.

All the questions are mostly asking about Play Planet and how  what they feel about Play Planet, some of them said Play planet inspiring them a lot. One question we received from the student are ” What’s Play Planet future?”  This question are answered very well by Mdm Sun Mi and also being added some by Lina.

After 2 hours session with the students also as to show our appreciation to the student, Play Planet created out own photo contest. We offer really good prize for the winner. It is really to win!

  1. Log in to Play Planet website
  2. Search activities that you really wanted to try
  3. Screenshot the activity and shared on Facebook with hashtag #Letsplayplanet
  4. People with many likes and share will win!

We opened the photo contest for one day and within 3 hours, we already got several people uploaded their photo.

Now we proudly want to announce the winners for the photo contest from Play planet!


 Congratulations to the the winner!

Also congratulation to Malaysian students who organised this forum, as we could say it was one of Play Planet sweet memories. We hope to collaborate more with Malaysian students in the future. Don’t forget to visit our website for more information and unique activities to try!  Lets Play Planet!

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