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[Localtravel Story] Walk to Mullae Art Village with Singloud Lee

 Early in the morning at 9AM sharp, I’ve been standing at Mullae station exit 7 and waiting for the other travelers to come. As it promised to meet around 9AM. It was my first time to explore Mullae area even I’m not a big fan of art but at some point my value toward art slowly change.

I managed to meet other travelers, 5 travelers from Singapore. Just roughly asked one of them where they from and I just knew there are from Singapore Tourism Board. I keep wondering how they found Play Planet and Mullae but good answer they searched about Mullae and found Play Planet on google! Yay 😀


The locas host Singloud lee, he can speak English very well and luckily no language barrier between us, Singloud said he’s running his own Guesthouse called Urban Art. We met many travelers who stayed at his Guesthouse. We went to his Guesthouse and it was my first time to see that kind of guesthouse, the design was very cool and unique, I can’t believe when Singloud said he even made his own furniture and decorated the Guesthouse by his own.




Through him I could understand clearly about what really happening in Mullae area. As I heard Singloud said there’s many art exhibition and music festival will be held here. After the short visit at the guesthouse we went to walked around Mullae area and we stop by Home dressing studio managed by Sun Mi. She’s created her own art work. It quite impressive to see English teacher who change her career and full time focusing on art.



 The weather was a bit cold but it never border our journey in Mullae art village. After visit Sun Mi, we will go to drop by art exhibition area and during our walked to the exhibition place. we passed by some shop that made ion and metal, some shop that made car accessories. See all these kind of thing really open my eyes about this cool area.



 And finally we arrived at the art exhibition and met Yolanta. Yolanda story a bit unique to share. She’s from Hong Kong and her parents are al in Hong Kong, she live in US before then she went to Korea for working holiday. She told us Mullae is the first place she went when she started to explore Seoul. She fall in love with Mullae and decided to stay here to show her art work to people. Everyday she took picture of Mullae and display it at this exhibition.





The last place we headed to is Seoul Art Space Mullae, the center where some of big exhibition will take place inside the center. The art space will be open to public if there’s any kind of special exhibition my Mullae artis also, government supporting all kind of Mullae art exhibition

This tour supposed to end at 12 however Jolene and other participants need to go to Airport to catch their flight back to Singapore but as Singloud said he felt a bit disappointed cause he want to show more to them, he want to show other area too. It’s okay Singloud during this 2 hours tour with you I had enough to getting know this place. I wish to visit Mullae again and explore other area cause I already got Mullae map from him! really useful map design by local people.


Before we separated and going home, Jolene gave some gift to our local host Singloud. It was really wonderful moment when travelers gave local host a gift. It must be a good day for Singloud. if I could recommend this activity, I will really do so. It was really nice experience with local host and could explore the other side of art life in Seoul.


This is the right time to meet Singloud lee and listen his story about Mullae! If you want to feel the same experience like mine, book your seat at the upcoming schedule or request a new schedule to him.

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