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“Nowadays the way of travel has changed”

Something that opened my eyes after I met a young lady who traveled with her mom, she said to me “Nowadays the way of travel has changed? We meet local , we talk with local and we stay with locals. who still use agency and follow the tight schedule? How can we ‘TRAVEL’ when we need to follow their timing and go to the places they chose but not the place we really want to go?”

A short conversation I had with this lady, it was like a wake up call for me. She traveled with her mom and I roughly shared with her that in my country Malaysia, people will send their parents and follow travel agency tour then she said it will be more better if you travel with your parents and guide them instead of pass them to someone. Nowadays everything are on the internet you can experience new culture and feel the city, with the best accommodation and activities.

Yes I agree with her opinion, I believe she speaks based on her experience. It reminds me of my parents, when they want to come to Korea and visit me but since I’m working  weekdays I might not have time to bring them around Seoul even I live here I thought, it will better to pay to agent and let them explore Korea comfortably. My father he refused to follow travel agency cause he said, he don’t want to follow agency hectic schedule without any value, he still want me and my sister to guide him instead of hire tour guide. If we  follow the tourism trend it will not give us the satisfaction when we are the one who should change the way we travel and fullfill our needed in traveling

Clearly that the way of travel has changed, people prefer to follow their own style for FIT or backpackers, independent travelers tend to design their own trip and not only trip nowadays people prefer to experience local culture with local people.  tumblr_nfmbxgtGb21spnyg9o1_500.jpgAfter met that woman, I can slowly understand when she said “Nowadays the way of travel has changed?” I trust what she’s trying to express is why we need to follow the travel trend and keep follow what other people doing when you can do all by yourself. It’s better to explore one country with different kind of activity and explore it nicely like a locals. Enjoy the local activity and change the way we travel! 


Travel with locals will bring you to spontaneous treasure, instead of just normal tourist spot. I really adore that woman cause she travel with her mom and her mom just follow her daughter everywhere and try something unique together. Listened to her words gave me powerful impact. I believe travel is not just taking good photo and sightseeing but travel are like a door to the way of changing, experience the local culture and see the different side of each country!

Lina Playplanet (Marketing Specialist)

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  • well said, i just visited korea with my sis and stay at local’s house who rented some rooms at his house, and we didn’t visit tourist attraction like namsan tower and nami island because we dont want to, instead of that our friend brought us to explore locals activity at Seoul forrest with our local friend. I wanted to out of my comfort zone at first but i end up found new comfort zone, my experience in korea is more than finding myself, but also family and home ❤
    thank you for this beautiful writing karoline

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