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Playplanet 2016 Local Host Networking Party

Being part of Playplanet local host I’m sure it must be one of the sweet memories ever. The day has come when we finally could gather and met some of our local host. Playplanet itself for us, host not only the leader for the travelers but we build the community and we make the great impact together.

Since the past few years we’ve met many people and share our stories  through the stories they got inspired and they also wanted to be part of Playplanet. We do welcoming anyone to be part of us!

It almost end of the year and this is the right timing to show our gratitude to all our local host from all around the world.

We held the host working party in Travel lounge cafe in Sinchon, Seoul. We could say this cafe also represent our value and image. Through this networking party our aim for local host to meet with each other say hi , share story together about their experience being local host in Playplanet and the sweet moment with travelers.


The event was attending by many local host from Korea and also we have from Mexico and Malaysia. We prepared few slideshow and videos. We have our imaginer Mdm Sun Mi and other team member YB, Momo and Lina was there together to make this event success.


During the event we had Hana from Vietnam, we called her through skype and everyone could see her and listened her story. Hana is one of our local partner in Danang. She roughly shared   about what she been doing, it was great to see Hana even just on skype.


We also invited one of our local host from Mexico, her name Mariana. She operate Mexican cooking class and she roughly told us about her experience being local host in Playplanet even she cannot speak Korean very well but she proved to us that language is not a problem between host and travelers.


It was a great moment could hear lot experience from several local host and it also shown the value of Playplanet that we are not just an online platform but we also the bridge and playgroup for travelers to explore more authentic things.

The night has been ended with speech from Madam Sun Mi Seo the founder and also imaginer of Playplanet. Next year 2017 will be a new chapter for us and we hope we can meet more potential partner later. Let’s Playplanet!


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