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The real way to enjoy spring in Korea

“Lina when the best date to see cherry blossom?” “What usually people do during spring in Korea?” People tend to asked me these kind of questions, If you ask local people I’m sure the answer will be different because I am a traveler I see the different side about spring in Korea.

I’m the witness of 4 season changing in Korea. If people wonder my favorite season the answer is spring! Why spring? You can do everything during this season! Everything! Without need to worry it will be too cold or too hot. The weather too perfect for everything you wish to do.


The main highlight about spring of course the blooming pinky flowers. People came all the way to Korea just to take pictures of the flowers! If just standing under the tree and take picture is it too boring? hihi

Try! Try the activities while you can. With the breezy weather why don’t you go to Han River. My second favorite place after Namsan Tower. Very famous among Korean and if you go to Han river during spring you will see the real life of Korean people.

Bring your mat and go picnic there! Say Hello to the people next to you even Korean people not really say Hi to stranger why don’t you break the wall and say Hi first because we are the traveler.  And… You should try cycling there! The most fun thing to do while waiting the sunset. So got some idea about Han River? Or no partner to do these activities?


Uh okay don’t worry I made special activities for you let’s go picnic and cycling together with Korean friends? How about that idea? If you interested. Let’s discover more about the activities here! 

For me when it comes to spring is like the season to fall in love. Everything seems nice and romantic so honeymoon in Korea during spring could be the best to plan! Why I sounds like pushing you to try the activities? Because for me pictures are enough to capture the memories but by doing something or experience something it will turn out well to be the good memories.

Try something with local people and follow the track, do the activities like local! Picnic, cycling, cannoning, visit the countryside and listen the real stories about local area from local people!

If you don’t have any idea what to do during spring in Korea read our previous blog post and check Playplanet website to find out more about your next adventure experience in Korea! 

Travel tips:

-Spring in Korea will start from early of March to end of May. The best time to visit Korea during spring to see cherry blossom will be on early of April, it will be the best time to visit because of the flowers bloom really well around that month.

– The bicycle rental fee around (3,000 per hour) at Yeioudo Park

– Yeioudo Park is the best place to see Han River with many good facilities from exit 2 of Yeoinaru station turn right and you will see the park.

Discover Book your Spring activity here!


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