Explore Incheon! [Moraenae Traditional Market Mission Tour]

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Have you ever imagine to visit traditional market and play some games with local people? One of the amazing way to explore Korea is to enjoy the traditional market. Traditional markets in Korea offer a variety of unique scenes every day.

For this tour, we will visit Moraenae market located in Incheon. When we talk about Incheon is not only and airport and Chinatown but Incheon is beyond than that. We would like to bring you to explore the unseen beauty of Incheon. The Moraenae Market provides fresh agricultural products at low prices. therefore, the market is popular among not only local people but also tourists mesmerized by the atmosphere and kindness of a traditional outdoor market.


Let’s do some mission in Moraenae Market! Let’s talk and communicate with local people. With us you will get  a chance to explore the traditional market and try some games  to complete your mission!

What’s your mission?

1. Find the local traditional food 

We will give you the first mission card with some pictures, all you need to do is to search where you can get the food. There’s lots of stall in Moraenae and it will be your first mission to try find it and buy! This time you need lot of communication with local people because they know well. This is the right time to show your Korean language skill too 🙂

2. Find the local snacks 

Moraenae also well know as the market which produce lot of local small brand, they support local vendor to promote their own products, through this mission you will experience to taste local snacks, the sweet and tasty Korean snacks will give you good taste that you will never forget. Make sure to find the right local vendor! To complete the mission you also required to upload some photo on your Facebook or Instagram!


What will you experience 

1. Taste the local food in local Restaurant 

Local food will be more superb when you really enjoy it in the local Restaurant. We will bring you to the local Restaurant and enjoy the food that hand made from local people. Real Korean authentic food. Also in Moraenae really famous with the cold noodle (Nengmyeon) Can you imagine the taste? 🙂


2. Meet the local children in community center

We use the term of local children because we believe that meaning is belong to next generation, the kids that grew up in that area. You will get the chance to meet them. Let’s  share your warm heart with local children and teach them your language. Take some pictures with them and celebrate the happiness with them! 🙂

3. Explore Incheon! 

Let’s explore the hidden side of Incheon, not only airport but there’s many nice cool spot around that area that will shift your imagination about Incheon. It’s too long to listed but we could give the hint! We will bring to the famous cafe, park and one of the amusement park that famous among Korean, at that place also you can enjoy the view of Incheon 🙂



Through this tour you will not only explore one place but it cover the whole area of Incheon, maybe after join this tour you will call yourself “Incheon Master”. Our goals for this tour is to show to travelers how to enjoy Korea in different way and how to travel will local, enjoy local area and food. Move away the typical tourist area, let’s explore and be extraordinary. Are you ready?

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[Coming Soon] PP Year-End Travelers’ Party

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pp travelers party

It’s that time of the year again~ where we all look back on all the good memories of this year and look forward to another awesome year ahead!

Come join our annual year-end Travelers’ Party and reminisce the unforgettable travels you’ve had all year with friends and locals. We’ll be serving food, drinks, and of course, some special treats 😉

Stay tuned and free your schedule this December~

Let’s Play Planet!


[Jobs] We are hiring!

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playplanet+job(1) playplanet+job(2) playplanet+job(3)


playplanet wants to become a playground for travelers can do something interesting and create social impact. We believe the power of travel that everybody  is a traveler and travelers can make a change. Now, we are on a journey to make the world our playground and look for a crew to make things happen together.

Contents Curation


  • Managing communications activities and strategies for PlayPlanet local hosts and travelers
  • Translate web and marketing content
  • Assess localization and linguistic accuracy of content
  • Provide friendly and efficient service to the PlayPlanet community
  • Be a first point of contact to handle and resolve hosts’ needs
  • Research information about Asian sustainable tourism and community based tourism/business and compose thoughtful and accurate contents
Required Skills/Knowledge/Experience:
  • Self-motivated, with excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Technical aptitude and the ability to pick up new technology quickly
  • Experience and Knowledge of sustainable tourism and community based tourism
  • Excellent writing skills, with samples to share
  • Strong project management skills; Self motivated, driven and able to work autonomously if required
  • Patience, empathy, and a unique ability to manage stress.
  • Attention to detail
  • Passionate and knowledgeable about PlayPlanet
  • Natural collaboration and bridge-building skills
  • Written and spoke language proficiency in Korean and English
  • Passion for all things PlayPlanet. Experience hosting on the site is a huge plus


Marketing and Communications 


  • Responsible for discovering, prioritizing and managing all key local marketing initiatives and ensuring consistency between our brand and the stories we tell
  • Working with global functions to develop integrated, creative, multichannel marketing campaigns that educate, engage, and excite local residents and visitors about travel via PlayPlanet
  • Serves as PlayPlanet’s expert on local marketing – Ensures all marketing activities feel local and personal and articulates market nuances for other teams
Required Skills/Knowledge/Experience:
  • Tactical online marketing (focus on SEM, Display and/or Social Paid Advertising) experience
  • Ability to share knowledge and work on a team, but also must be a self-starter to hit individual ROI goals
  • Familiarity with creating innovative and effective marketing strategies on multiple ad platforms.
  • Experience ranging from writing ad copy, trafficking, defining audience targets, structuring A/B tests and generating out-of-the-box solutions to help increase conversions are all musts
  • Experience designing and executing innovative and effective online & offline, experiential, and social-marketing campaigns
  • Be an innovative, problem solving individual with a vigorous eye for detail
  • Outstanding communication and presentation skills with the ability to articulate a vision, strategy or idea clearly and concisely
  • Strong analytical, planning and forecasting skills with experience making data-driven recommendations and decisions
  • Strong project management skills; Self motivated, driven and able to work autonomously if required
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced startup environment; Comfortable with pressure, ambiguity and takes initiative
  • Passion for PlayPlanet, travel and the sharing economy. Being a host on PlayPlanet is a plus!


Apply now join our innovative, creative and passionate team!

Let’s play planet! 


Do you think it is you?

1. Send us your CV.
    We’d like to know about you as you are. Show us your creativity and passion! 

2. Tell us how you would improve playplanet.

To apply, please email to by Wednesday, Feb 25.
Email with title like, [PP+apply]_(NAME)



We look for Creative Connectors!

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Playplanet wants to become a playground for travelers that people can try something fun and create impact on traveling. We are the group of Asian young people who believe travel can change the world better. Now, we are on a journey to make the world our playground and look for a crew who will make things happen together.

As a Creative Connector, you’ll be working closely with creative and passionate individuals, social enterprises, local villagers in Asia. You would travel and stay in local communities sometimes, design sustainable development projects with us and do online media campaign taking photos, posting and sharing SNS.

We are looking for the person is:
◾ Passion for all things PlayPlanet. Experience hosting on the platform is a huge plus.
◾ Enjoy adventure and excited with a fast changing environment
◾ A passion for storytelling through multiple media, both visual and written
◾ Extremely motivated and get things done on time
◾ Independent and entrepreneurial
◾ Believe  that our journey can change the world better

Do you think it is you?
1. Tell us who you are and how you want to improve PlayPlanet
Please fill out the form,

2. Send us your resume and CV
Show us your creativity and passion!
Please, email us to by Sunday, Jan 19.
Email with the title like, [CC 2015]_(NAME)

• Deadline: 19.Jan.2015
• Interview: 21.Jan.2015
• Orientation: 23.Jan.2015 (Essential)


[청년포럼] 청년, 지역을 플레이하다

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?????? RGB 20141103


청년 지역을 플레이하다

청년들의 도시를 향한 유쾌한 실험  

  • 주최 : 건국대 생태기반사회연구소, 광진협동사회경제Network, 글로컬문화전략연구소, BK21플러스, 사단법인 씨즈
  • 주관 : 사단법인 씨즈, 플레이플래닛(주)
  • 후원 : 광진구청, 건국대학교
  • 일시 : 2014.11.14.(금) 오후 2시
  • 장소 : 건국대학교 학생회관 중강당
  • 대상 : 청년, 지역 및 사회적경제에 관심 있는 누구나
  • 인원 : 약 300명
  • 사업내용


1) 지역개발 분야 청년 사회적기업가 초청강의 (120분)

– 주제: “청년, 지역에서 혁신을 이야기하다”

– 부제: 청년이 청년에게 전하는 ‘지역’에 대한 새로운 생각 지역자원을 창의적 시선으로 재발굴하고 도시이슈를 해결해나가는 청년 사회적기업가들의 ‘지속가능 마을/도시’ 이야기

  • 강연자(이름/소속/키워드):

1) 김토일 <청풍상회>, 문화기획 프로젝트/시장/마을축제/지역재생

2) 김연석 <청년장사꾼>, 청년창업/지역상권/도전

3) 서선미 <플레이플래닛>, 여성창업/아시아 지역개발/공정여행


2) 지역서비스 디자인 해커톤 (120분)

– 주제: “청년, 지역을 플레이하다”

– 부제: 지역의 숨은 자원을 마을서비스로 디자인하다.

• 모집기간: 10월 6일(월)~11월 10일(일)까지, 개별연락(11월 10일 예정)

*사전워크숍: 11월 11일(화)

• 모집인원: 30명

• 모집대상: 여행자의 눈으로 지역의 숨은 자원을 발굴하고, 동네를 탐험해 볼 청년

• 활동내용: 여행이라는 ‘툴‘로 지역자원 재해석 및 새로운 마을서비스 디자인

• 시상혜택: 인증서 발급

(시상 후) – 로컬여행 상품권(해외) 50만원 상당 (1명)

– 국내여행 상품권 10만원 상당 (2명)

– 업사이클링 여행가방 5만원 상당 (3개)

– 파우치 1만원 상당 (5명)


혹시 참가신청 버튼 클릭이 잘 안된나요? 아래 링크를 통해 참가신청 바랍니다. 🙂



[문의]  070-7799-6233  (카카오톡 ID. 플레이플래닛)

News, P story

How to Organize and Share Your Own PLAYGround

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PLAYground+letsplayplanetHello PlayPlanet friends!

Do you want to show the world about your passion and doing some collaboration with like-minded friends and local community? 

Playplanet is a community of, by, and for people rocking on a journey. This platform is a playground that everybody can share authentic experiences and local wisdom with others and create social impact.

Curious how to make the collaboration? We call this ideas as “SHARE YOUR OWN PLAYGROUND”

Why We Called a PLAYGround?

Because this is the way, the channel, the medium, to connect us with more like-minded friends around the planet.

How it works? 

Let’s find out how you can do with PlayPlanet.


Simple Steps to Share Your Playground :


1. Let’s Create

Create your event @Playplanet website and Click : Become a Host.

Got some ideas pop-up in your mind about organizing your current project, photo exhibition, talks or workshop or even share your skills with friends around you? It could be anything based on your passion. If you check our website, you can follow this steps:

1. Click become a host
2. Create and design your experience
3. Choose the meeting point

2. Let’s Organize & Promote

Let’s invite friends and organize your own schedule. Social networking is the key to promote your event. Playplanet will collaborate with you to promote your event.

3. Let’s Play

Let’s be host for your own project. Let’s build your network, make some collaboration and keep sharing your passion with PlayPlanet community. These are some check list that you might need to prepare:

During the Event :

1. Prepare your Guestbook

2. Prepare your inspiring speech

3. Prepare your local drinks/ snack/ refreshment.

4. Interactive ice breaking or ideas to make people doing casual networking.

5. Post Event

Keep in touch with your network and community is the first thing to do after you did the event. We suggest to send a thank you letter and making guest database so you can easily contact them again for your next PLAYGround event.



As an example, this upcoming Saturday, April 26th, 2014 Jude Kim – Our Playplanet friend will share his adventurous PLAYGround called COINCIDENCE 23. More than a Photo Exhibition after traveled to 23 Countries, 63 Cities, 17 Flights, 52 Buses, 4 boats and 90,500 km in 200 Days, he will share his PLAYGround about Connecting People and Places (that would be yours too).

He invites you to do something like him and open up your world for more opportunities to meet people and doing collaboration through his event.




By sharing his PLAYGround with PlaypPlanet, we co-promote the event to invite more friends and spread to the world what he is doing by open up his PLAYGround. Moreover, by sharing your PLAYGround this is also the opportunity to meet traveler friends who come to your city and give them a local experience as a local host.

Got some ideas to share? Email us :

Stay in touch. We invite everyone who wants to share their passion like him. Your PLAYGround is calling!

Let’s join and PLAY with us, book this experience here : Lets. Play. Planet!