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5 Fascinating South Korea Festivals You Need To Know

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From Kdramas and Kpop Idols of Hallywu to the kimchi and soju of Korean cuisine, what is known as “the Korean wave” has washed over the entire world. As interest in tourism to South Korea grows in the West, so also does awareness of the interesting cultural festivals held all year long. Many different seasons and occasions are centered on vibrant celebrations, so pack your bags and take a look at our list of fascinating South Korean festivals to help you schedule your trip.

The Lunar New Year’s Day (Seollal)

Koreans celebrate their New Year’s Day in an epic three-day-long festival, generally thought of as the most important holiday of the year. The exact date varies since the Korean New Year falls on the day of the second new moon after winter solstice. Many families host overseas relatives and guests, and everyone spends a lot of money on costly gifts and food. Much of the celebration is centered on dressing in traditional clothing and observing respect to elders, but the food and family cheer makes this festival worth observing. Kids love this holiday, since their relatives give them money in envelopes as gifts. Particular fun can be had in burning the hand built “moon houses” of firewood and branches, symbolizing warding off evil spirits for the coming year. You can make a wish as the bonfire burns so that it will come true in the next year.

"세배, 잘할 수 있어요"

Playplanet Activities: Traditional Chuseok Food Cooking with Korean Mom 

Greater Full Moon (Daeboreum)

An important part of South Korean culture is building tight knit, robust communities, so the Greater Full Moon festival includes playing games with neighbors to strengthen community bonds. The date of the moon festival falls on the fifteenth day of the first month of the year by the lunar calendar. Rituals are performed for good harvest, like burning the dried grass on the hills between rice fields while children spin cans of charcoal to sprinkle ash in the rice to kill off worms and bugs. Traditional food and drink play a big part in this holiday, like a five grain dish called ogokbap, which is eaten with wine. This holiday may be fun for humans, but it is the custom not to give any food to dogs because it was believed that they would contract gadflies and become ill in the summer if they ate food on this holiday.



Boryeong Mud Festival (Boryeong meodeu chukje)

Playplanet_Boryeong Mud Festival.jpg

Perhaps the most interesting festival on our list is the relatively new Boryeong Mud Festival held since 1998 in the Daecheon beach area. Known for its cosmetic and skin benefits, mud from the Boryeong flats is trucked in and participants can mud wrestle, slide in the mud, and handcraft mud soap. Bring a bathing suit and soak up the vitamins and minerals said to be packed in the Boreyong mud, and since the festival is held in mid-July, the mud also physically blocks skin from sun damage. It is a festival celebrating beauty and health, so masseurs, acupuncturists and clinicians are onsite and ready to pamper you. The festival closes with a huge fireworks display with live music and dancing, and as always at Korean celebrations, food and drink is shared. Lockers and shower are made available onsite for all participants just in case you were wondering.

Buddha’s Birthday (Bucheonim osin na)

Yet another lunar calendar day festival, Buddha’s Birthday is celebrated by temples all over Asia, where much of the population practices Buddhism. In China and Korea, the day of Buddha’s birth falls on the eighth day of the fourth month in the Chinese lunar calendar, during spring. The temples celebrate by lighting thousands of lotus lamps that often spill out from the buildings onto the street, making a beautifully lit path as you walk from temple to temple. Many temple practitioners offer visitors free meals and tea. The typical meal is sanchae bibimbap, which is a large bowl of rice and vegetables, often including eggs.

Playplanet_Buddha Birthday

Lantern Festivals

Used to boost cultural awareness and tourism, lantern festivals are held in major cities like Seoul and Jinju. Lanterns and other twinkling lights are used to decorate public spaces in the crisp fall months, and visitors and residents are treated to a stunning sight as lanterns are floated down rivers and canals. Seoul tends to shift focus every year to different aspects of Korean culture, but the Jinju Namgang Lantern Festival commemorates the soldiers who died in the Imjin war of the 1500s.

Letsplayplanet_Lantern Festival.jpg

Whatever season you travel to South Korea, you can find public and private celebrations that will enrich your trip and your knowledge of Korean culture. You can taste some of the delicious, healthy, and spicy food Korea is known for, and participate in traditions that are both recent and thousands of years old. Just remember to pack a camera, and in the case of the Mud Festival, some old clothes. These fascinating South Korean Festivals are guaranteed to make lasting travel memories for you and your traveling companions.

About writer: This article was written by Sam Socorro from Steam Shower Store. She has over 10 years’ experience in writing health related topics and specializes in the health benefits of saunas and hydrotherapy.

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The real way to enjoy spring in Korea

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“Lina when the best date to see cherry blossom?” “What usually people do during spring in Korea?” People tend to asked me these kind of questions, If you ask local people I’m sure the answer will be different because I am a traveler I see the different side about spring in Korea.

I’m the witness of 4 season changing in Korea. If people wonder my favorite season the answer is spring! Why spring? You can do everything during this season! Everything! Without need to worry it will be too cold or too hot. The weather too perfect for everything you wish to do.


The main highlight about spring of course the blooming pinky flowers. People came all the way to Korea just to take pictures of the flowers! If just standing under the tree and take picture is it too boring? hihi

Try! Try the activities while you can. With the breezy weather why don’t you go to Han River. My second favorite place after Namsan Tower. Very famous among Korean and if you go to Han river during spring you will see the real life of Korean people.

Bring your mat and go picnic there! Say Hello to the people next to you even Korean people not really say Hi to stranger why don’t you break the wall and say Hi first because we are the traveler.  And… You should try cycling there! The most fun thing to do while waiting the sunset. So got some idea about Han River? Or no partner to do these activities?


Uh okay don’t worry I made special activities for you let’s go picnic and cycling together with Korean friends? How about that idea? If you interested. Let’s discover more about the activities here! 

For me when it comes to spring is like the season to fall in love. Everything seems nice and romantic so honeymoon in Korea during spring could be the best to plan! Why I sounds like pushing you to try the activities? Because for me pictures are enough to capture the memories but by doing something or experience something it will turn out well to be the good memories.

Try something with local people and follow the track, do the activities like local! Picnic, cycling, cannoning, visit the countryside and listen the real stories about local area from local people!

If you don’t have any idea what to do during spring in Korea read our previous blog post and check Playplanet website to find out more about your next adventure experience in Korea! 

Travel tips:

-Spring in Korea will start from early of March to end of May. The best time to visit Korea during spring to see cherry blossom will be on early of April, it will be the best time to visit because of the flowers bloom really well around that month.

– The bicycle rental fee around (3,000 per hour) at Yeioudo Park

– Yeioudo Park is the best place to see Han River with many good facilities from exit 2 of Yeoinaru station turn right and you will see the park.

Discover Book your Spring activity here!


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Moraenae Market mission tour [First tour operation]

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When we talk about Korea, we imagine the modern city and technology but for me when it comes to Korea, the traditional side more fun to explore. Have you imagine to visit the traditional market in Korea? This is the right timing to experience it with us!

Last week was the first operation of Moraenae market mission tour, this market is located in Incheon. We gather all 20 travelers. All of them said it was their first time to visit traditional market in Korea. For me I could say Moraenae market are like other market in Seoul but the food was too amazing and they also have their local signature foods, also famous with Nengmyeon (Cold noodle).

From Hongdae we have our private bus directly to Moraenae market, the journey took around 40 minutes and when we arrived at the market, we went to the Moraenae office to meet the director and also to play some games. We played “yutnori”Korea traditional games to decide with team will going to start first. We also pick the team randomly.


The winner of yutnori games could start the mission early 5 minutes than other group, the first mission is to buy some traditional food and find some stationery. I also need to follow the group to help them complete the mission. I was so happy to see our travelers bravely asked local people and asking their help in order to complete the mission. I could see the good communication between two side, even our travelers cannot speak Korean very well and local people also cannot speak English very well but they still fine use the body language.



After complete the mission, we have free time around 1 hour to explore the Moraenae market. We enjoyed explored the whole market, took lot of pictures and ate lots of local food. I had been to many local market in Seoul but I could say that Moraenae has their own trademark and good environment, this market like a main market in Incheon. I would like to suggest this market  to everyone who would like to explore Incheon.



After Moraenae market, we also got a chance to explore Incheon area then the next destination we went to Sudoguksan Museum of housing and living. This museum It exhibits reproductions of various scenes of daily life from the 1960s and 1970s of Korea. This museum is one of attraction of Incheon and personally I really enjoy inside, this museum really flash back the old memories of living in the past, the house design, the display absolutely look real and classic. Visited this museum, I could memorized some of my childhood memories.



The last stop of this exploration is G-Tower, probably my favorite highlight, we enjoy the sunset at G-Tower. It was so amazing to see the sunset. After the mission, can’t believe we could enjoy many things in Incheon, all travelers seems really satisfied with the tour and also same goes to me.


After experience several places, it really change my perception of Incheon, because when we talk about Incheon, we only imagine airport or chinatown but Incheon are beyond than that! Many good places to explore and experience. What you waiting for? Let’s join us and enjoy explore Incheon. Let’s play Incheon!


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Playplanet 2016 Local Host Networking Party

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Being part of Playplanet local host I’m sure it must be one of the sweet memories ever. The day has come when we finally could gather and met some of our local host. Playplanet itself for us, host not only the leader for the travelers but we build the community and we make the great impact together.

Since the past few years we’ve met many people and share our stories  through the stories they got inspired and they also wanted to be part of Playplanet. We do welcoming anyone to be part of us!

It almost end of the year and this is the right timing to show our gratitude to all our local host from all around the world.

We held the host working party in Travel lounge cafe in Sinchon, Seoul. We could say this cafe also represent our value and image. Through this networking party our aim for local host to meet with each other say hi , share story together about their experience being local host in Playplanet and the sweet moment with travelers.


The event was attending by many local host from Korea and also we have from Mexico and Malaysia. We prepared few slideshow and videos. We have our imaginer Mdm Sun Mi and other team member YB, Momo and Lina was there together to make this event success.


During the event we had Hana from Vietnam, we called her through skype and everyone could see her and listened her story. Hana is one of our local partner in Danang. She roughly shared   about what she been doing, it was great to see Hana even just on skype.


We also invited one of our local host from Mexico, her name Mariana. She operate Mexican cooking class and she roughly told us about her experience being local host in Playplanet even she cannot speak Korean very well but she proved to us that language is not a problem between host and travelers.


It was a great moment could hear lot experience from several local host and it also shown the value of Playplanet that we are not just an online platform but we also the bridge and playgroup for travelers to explore more authentic things.

The night has been ended with speech from Madam Sun Mi Seo the founder and also imaginer of Playplanet. Next year 2017 will be a new chapter for us and we hope we can meet more potential partner later. Let’s Playplanet!


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[Event] 10% Payback for Christmas!

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& Get 10% payback!

Christmas just around the corner! 2016 almost come to the end and we had prepared lot of local activities for you. Not only the activities you will get back 10% payback!

What  :  Playplanet Christmas Local Activities with 10% payback!

When : From 08 Dec – 31 Dec 2016

How   : Join the Christmas event to enjoy the 10% payback after write the review

  • Step 1> Book the Christmas activities (letsplayplanet.com) and get the event confirmed message.
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*Click the theme box and it will directly access to all the Christmas events that available. Only the activities on this theme are available for payback!



If you have any inquiries, contact us at hello@letsplayplanet.com or send us message as below.


You need to sign in first before send us any message.


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3 Special Local Winter Activities To Try!

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Ski is not the only way to enjoy winter. There’s still many activities to try during winter season. Yup! many! Anyone will be in Korea during this winter? Be prepare to try something unique and something fun to do! Here we listed down our cool activities for this upcoming winter season.

  1. Enjoy Korean Snow village 

Have you heard about Snow Village? to make your winter vacation more memorable, how about leaving the city for a few days and spending some time in  Korea’s mountain folk? Their idea of winter fun is slightly different, but way more interesting than the usual skiing and sledding in the city! This 2 days 1 night trip will bring you to something spectacularly different. What will you experience?!



Related image

  • Hiking and sightseeing
  • Feeding the sheep
  • Traditional winter activities
  • Green healthy local cuisine

You will stay at local village for a night. the area are totally authentic and you will enjoy the unseen beauty that never been revealed.  Are you excited?!

2. Running Man Winter Race

Inspired by famous variety show Running Man and if you are looking for something extreme and adventurous, this activity will fit your style! Why don’t you be the hero of Running man by yourself? It’s time to start the Running man race! We are waiting for new Yoo Jae-suk, Haha and Lee Kwang-soo.

You will enjoy the race in Yang-Pyeong which has beautiful landscape composed of diverse natural ecology. We design various outdoor activities depend on the season such as canoeing race on the ice, running winter challenge in the forest, catch the fish in the stream and  & grill it.

Image result for Yangpyeong winter

Image result for winter running

3. Ski it Right (Winter Gateaway) 

Never skied but really want to go? Want to learn before you hit the mountains so you can enjoy the slopes more? Don’t worry. someone will teach you more! The local guide already have led foreign travelers to ski resort and coached ski lessons many times. After arriving the ski resort, you are going to learn how to grips with sticks and control your body. Then, we will move to beginner trek and enjoy you own skiing with other travelers.

Enjoy your time at ski resort, see the beautiful view of the mountains. The ski resort is located within a beautiful valley. You can enjoy a panoramic view of the natural landscape while gliding down the slopes. This resort is surrounded by beautiful pines and that’s what make it more cold and nice. Very suitable for taking photo!

Image result for Korea ski

Image result for Korea ski

Which one is your favorite? All of them seems fun right? So what are you waiting for, celebrate your winter with fun things to do! We opened schedule every week, Please click link below to book!


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Playplanet at WTM London (World Travel Market)

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Being in the travel Industry, we here in Playplanet have involved with lot of exhibitions and events. The largest travel fair in the World (WTM) World Travel Market is a 3 days event being held from 7th November to 9th November 2016 at the ExCeL London in London, United Kingdom. We felt grateful for the opportunities that been given to joined one of the biggest Travel events in the world .



One of Playplanet team Hwang Yeji was in WTM London for 3 days. We opened a booth under Korea Tourism, It was good to see many people coming to WTM and we got our own booth. We displayed our materials such as (Poster, postcard, luggage tag and etc) and we played Playplanet video  at our booth. This event was attending by more than fifty thousand people, Travelers, buyers, sellers, hotels and Restaurants was joining this  event



Playplanet offers the best authentic local experience for the travelers, we are the platform for the local people and travelers. We also focusing for local activities, sustainable tourism and Eco-Tourism. Before the WTM started, we already planned the schedule for the meeting arrangement with the buyers and seller.  We met several Business partners and plan something that we can do together. We met many potential partners during the event that hold and keep the same value  like us (Travel, sustainability, local activities and sharing economy).

One of our potential partner, we met Funmi from (wakanow) Wakanow is the Travel booking portal website, that offering tour package included some Asia countries.  This company mark up most of Africa countries. Nowadays the number of travelers who want to visit Africa is getting increased. Therefore the authentic experience in Africa are very competitive.

With Funmi from Wakanow


Wakanow Website 

India is one of the famous countries to travel in Asia, we also met our potential local partner from India which is (India City Walks) We really want to featured ‘India City Walk’ on our website and to promote it to all our users. Walking tour, cooking class and festival are the main highlight of India contents and it is getting increased compared to before therefore we believe to partnership with India City walks will be a good opportunity for us! 

Nidhi from “India City Walk”
India City Walks 

We also met other potential business partner and as below :

 Lembah Bujang

Lembah bujang is  being embraced as a place of sustainable rural and eco-tourism developments at a community’s initiative. Riverside company collaborative platform of exchange for the community to ensure that the Lembah Bujang is developed as a sustainable area preserving its great value to the benefit of local population and visitors alike.

Followed by Planet Escape.  It was based in Poland. They are selling just like other tour but focusing only for the Polish to travel. We also in Playplanet want to share and upload our content on their website. 

Planet Escape 

Footprint are based in Vietnam. They are selling and focusing more to Vietnam. They chose to design and operate personalized tours for independent travelers and private group tours, who have the same passion for travel and want to learn about world around them. 

Footprint Vietnam 

Clifford From Mark One Travel 
Carole from ‘Drop me anywhere‘ 


After met them at World Travel Market, we here in Playplanet, we could see the similarity and benefit to collaborate with  all these potential partners. We was thinking to collaborate with few potential business partner in order to share our value and at the same time collaboration are the best way to share the benefit and profit economy together. We felt happy when many potential business partners came to our booth and talk about business together, it was like a positive call to Playplanet to work hard more in the future. Thank you for much for your supports.

Joining and be part of World Travel Market in London was one of the best memory for us. We look forward to inspire more people and improve the tourism industry as something unseen to the most needed!. Let’s Playplanet!

Check our website Playplanet for our information about local activities around the world, see you! 🙂


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“Nowadays the way of travel has changed”

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Something that opened my eyes after I met a young lady who traveled with her mom, she said to me “Nowadays the way of travel has changed? We meet local , we talk with local and we stay with locals. who still use agency and follow the tight schedule? How can we ‘TRAVEL’ when we need to follow their timing and go to the places they chose but not the place we really want to go?”

A short conversation I had with this lady, it was like a wake up call for me. She traveled with her mom and I roughly shared with her that in my country Malaysia, people will send their parents and follow travel agency tour then she said it will be more better if you travel with your parents and guide them instead of pass them to someone. Nowadays everything are on the internet you can experience new culture and feel the city, with the best accommodation and activities.

Yes I agree with her opinion, I believe she speaks based on her experience. It reminds me of my parents, when they want to come to Korea and visit me but since I’m working  weekdays I might not have time to bring them around Seoul even I live here I thought, it will better to pay to agent and let them explore Korea comfortably. My father he refused to follow travel agency cause he said, he don’t want to follow agency hectic schedule without any value, he still want me and my sister to guide him instead of hire tour guide. If we  follow the tourism trend it will not give us the satisfaction when we are the one who should change the way we travel and fullfill our needed in traveling

Clearly that the way of travel has changed, people prefer to follow their own style for FIT or backpackers, independent travelers tend to design their own trip and not only trip nowadays people prefer to experience local culture with local people.  tumblr_nfmbxgtGb21spnyg9o1_500.jpgAfter met that woman, I can slowly understand when she said “Nowadays the way of travel has changed?” I trust what she’s trying to express is why we need to follow the travel trend and keep follow what other people doing when you can do all by yourself. It’s better to explore one country with different kind of activity and explore it nicely like a locals. Enjoy the local activity and change the way we travel! 


Travel with locals will bring you to spontaneous treasure, instead of just normal tourist spot. I really adore that woman cause she travel with her mom and her mom just follow her daughter everywhere and try something unique together. Listened to her words gave me powerful impact. I believe travel is not just taking good photo and sightseeing but travel are like a door to the way of changing, experience the local culture and see the different side of each country!

Lina Playplanet (Marketing Specialist)

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[Localtravel Story] Walk to Mullae Art Village with Singloud Lee

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 Early in the morning at 9AM sharp, I’ve been standing at Mullae station exit 7 and waiting for the other travelers to come. As it promised to meet around 9AM. It was my first time to explore Mullae area even I’m not a big fan of art but at some point my value toward art slowly change.

I managed to meet other travelers, 5 travelers from Singapore. Just roughly asked one of them where they from and I just knew there are from Singapore Tourism Board. I keep wondering how they found Play Planet and Mullae but good answer they searched about Mullae and found Play Planet on google! Yay 😀


The locas host Singloud lee, he can speak English very well and luckily no language barrier between us, Singloud said he’s running his own Guesthouse called Urban Art. We met many travelers who stayed at his Guesthouse. We went to his Guesthouse and it was my first time to see that kind of guesthouse, the design was very cool and unique, I can’t believe when Singloud said he even made his own furniture and decorated the Guesthouse by his own.




Through him I could understand clearly about what really happening in Mullae area. As I heard Singloud said there’s many art exhibition and music festival will be held here. After the short visit at the guesthouse we went to walked around Mullae area and we stop by Home dressing studio managed by Sun Mi. She’s created her own art work. It quite impressive to see English teacher who change her career and full time focusing on art.



 The weather was a bit cold but it never border our journey in Mullae art village. After visit Sun Mi, we will go to drop by art exhibition area and during our walked to the exhibition place. we passed by some shop that made ion and metal, some shop that made car accessories. See all these kind of thing really open my eyes about this cool area.



 And finally we arrived at the art exhibition and met Yolanta. Yolanda story a bit unique to share. She’s from Hong Kong and her parents are al in Hong Kong, she live in US before then she went to Korea for working holiday. She told us Mullae is the first place she went when she started to explore Seoul. She fall in love with Mullae and decided to stay here to show her art work to people. Everyday she took picture of Mullae and display it at this exhibition.





The last place we headed to is Seoul Art Space Mullae, the center where some of big exhibition will take place inside the center. The art space will be open to public if there’s any kind of special exhibition my Mullae artis also, government supporting all kind of Mullae art exhibition

This tour supposed to end at 12 however Jolene and other participants need to go to Airport to catch their flight back to Singapore but as Singloud said he felt a bit disappointed cause he want to show more to them, he want to show other area too. It’s okay Singloud during this 2 hours tour with you I had enough to getting know this place. I wish to visit Mullae again and explore other area cause I already got Mullae map from him! really useful map design by local people.


Before we separated and going home, Jolene gave some gift to our local host Singloud. It was really wonderful moment when travelers gave local host a gift. It must be a good day for Singloud. if I could recommend this activity, I will really do so. It was really nice experience with local host and could explore the other side of art life in Seoul.


This is the right time to meet Singloud lee and listen his story about Mullae! If you want to feel the same experience like mine, book your seat at the upcoming schedule or request a new schedule to him.

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Play Planet at YES 2016 ( Youth Empowerment Symposium)

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It was a nice moment when Play Planet founder were invited to be one of the speaker  for the YES 2016 (Youth Empowerment Symposium). This event was organised by Malaysian Students Organization (PPMK & KUK).

Event was held at Dongyang Mirae University on 5th November 2016. Play Planet made the first opening slot. Play Playnet founder Mdm Sun Mi lead the first session. She opened her story about her, she roughly explained about her life traveling abroad and what she found during her trip abroad. All the student seem excited just listened Mdm Sun Mi stories.



The students look really interested in Mdm Sun Mi story how she started travel and her stories really related with one and other. Then she continued about how she started created Play Planet. We are not only the platform, we are the bridge that connect travelers  and local people.



After finished the session, we are ready for Q&A time! This time we have 2 moderators on the stage. Student can simply ask anything from Mdm Sun Mi but before started the Q&A session. Mdm Sun Mi called Lina the marketing specialist from Malaysian to be on the stage to answer the question together.

All the questions are mostly asking about Play Planet and how  what they feel about Play Planet, some of them said Play planet inspiring them a lot. One question we received from the student are ” What’s Play Planet future?”  This question are answered very well by Mdm Sun Mi and also being added some by Lina.

After 2 hours session with the students also as to show our appreciation to the student, Play Planet created out own photo contest. We offer really good prize for the winner. It is really to win!

  1. Log in to Play Planet website
  2. Search activities that you really wanted to try
  3. Screenshot the activity and shared on Facebook with hashtag #Letsplayplanet
  4. People with many likes and share will win!

We opened the photo contest for one day and within 3 hours, we already got several people uploaded their photo.

Now we proudly want to announce the winners for the photo contest from Play planet!


 Congratulations to the the winner!

Also congratulation to Malaysian students who organised this forum, as we could say it was one of Play Planet sweet memories. We hope to collaborate more with Malaysian students in the future. Don’t forget to visit our website for more information and unique activities to try!  Lets Play Planet!