One Day Hanbok Photo-shooting

Traditional Korean Hanbok Dressing and Photo-shooting

Enjoy Hanbok, the Korean traditional clothing and keep your beautiful handbook dress fit with background of Seoul city with professional photographer.

one day hanbok photoshooting  by letsplayplanet

Do you want to make special memories in Seoul?

How about leave pictures of your special moment on your Seoul trip?

With professional photographers, we will bring you to the best locations for your photo-shoot!


  • Try on beautiful Korean traditional dress, Hanbok
  • Visit Korean Palace and play acting like in drama
  • Must-do-activity!!! Photoshooting in Hanbok (Recommend for honeymoon photoshooting, too!)


If you’re really looking into unique programs to learn more about Korea’s traditions in a short span of time, here’s a great opportunity. Join us! You’ll come across some of the prettiest Hanbok, the traditional clothing of Korea! Take lots of photographs as souvenirs to remember the highly unique designs. A professional photographer will take you to your preferred place and take photo of you in beautiful Hanbok.

It might feel a little bit awkward at first, putting on clothes that are bigger than one is used to, but after a few moments, its elegant shapes and curves will give you a profound appreciation for the way people dressed in the past. And you can keep this unique experience and memories on your own photography!

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