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[Photo sketch ] “Let’s playplanet INDONESIA” Exhibition

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As some of you would may already know, playplanet had “Let’s playplanet, INDONESIA” exhibition.


by Benjamin low photograghy (
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by Benjamin low photograghy (

The exhibition was mainly composed of photos taken at Indonesia.
Four Indonesian friends really contributed to this exhibition with high-quality photographs, writings and music which could really show the genuine aspects of Indonesia.




playplanet also prepared little cute stamps so that guest can freely use and write whatever they want to about playplanet and the exhibition.



This is Sun whose eyes always beaming whenever she talks about orangutans and Borneo Island. She is explaining enthusiastically about her affectionate story with orangutans at Borneo Island in Indonesia. She also introduced Edy who is currently working in Tanjung Puting National Park always being eager to host playplanet travelers for the eco-tour in Indonesia.

IMG_1645  And this is Novi, a copywriter in Indonesia who is now telling stories about the photos she took in Solo and Bromo Mountain, the places she emotionally attached.


I guess everyone seem to be really into her stories.
(We would like to share Novi’s photographs and writing : here )


At the exhibition, we met many friends and enjoyed our time together.
Some of them looked over the contents of playplanet’s website that is still actively in progress and developing.






And these are comments the guests left and some of them with stamps on !


haha 🙂





Let’s playplanet !

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Homecoming party with How2Company & Borneo Project

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This time, playplanet joined joyful homecoming party with How2Comany !

395500_437605192974810_1621062069_n (1)

The homecoming party was held at the beautiful and cosy guest house, V-mansion located in Sangsudong, Seoul. (more about V-mansion, see )

V-mansion in Seoul

How2company is ‘co-creation platform of creative’ which aims to collaborate with diverse range of people to create better world together. Currently, How2company is  focusing on the web design and web platform creation.
( How2company site : )

Co-founder of How2comany introducing the business and stories of it.

Borneo Project

In this party, playplanet introduced the new project about the Borneo Island in Indonesia , the main inhabitat of Orangutan but now in danger to be destroyed due to heavy logging and planting palm trees for palm oil instead.

Sun, founder of playplanet, introducing Borneo Project and Orangutan.

playplanet believes by sustainable tourism we can support the preservation activity going on in Borneo Island and also we could find way together to travel Borneo in eco-friendly way such as not using soap made from palm oil, also heightening the conception to preserve nature including Orangutan.

Furthermore, playplanet asked for cooperation from How2company and gathered people (who were mostly designers) to participate in promoting Borneo Project by designing Orangutan eco t-shirt or other creative ways that would be possible.

Novi, a warm copywriter from Indonesia, telling stories about her homeland.

The Last picture is with playplanet friends from Indonesia.


Let’s playplanet !

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playplanet angel’s Thai Visit (3) “The nature & people”

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The Nature & People

– People living with the Nature. “The local Community & Doi Inthanon”

The next morning came ! I really had a good sleep in my cozy bed.

I’ve heard many times at school or from other sources that the nature is important to the human and we should try to preserve them.

But I couldn’t actually “feel” why the nature is important.
Our life seems so far away from the nature, driving on the asphalt and living in the apartments made of cements.

  But I heard we are going on the eco-tour together with the nature conservationist to the
Doi Inthanon, the highest mountaintop in Thailand (2,565 meters) located in Chiang Mai and also the major watershed for all central Thailand. [for more information CLICK]

And his name is P.Zack ( hope I spelled it right !)
(P.Zack in Doi Inthanon)

( He was always holding a book in his bag that was about birds living in Thailand)

And.. I think I saw this one .. maybe .. haha 

P.Zack told me the name of the bird I saw.. but I can’t really tell the difference between birds.. yet T.T

I haven’t lived in the rural area where I can feel the direct effect of the nature, but in the long run the damage of the nature surely affect us even living in the city quietly and devastatingly.

Well, apart from the environmental effect on us, I just like the nature cause I feel I’m real alive in our mother nature.

It seemed real fortunate for me that the people in the forefront with the nature sensitively feel and try hard to preserve the nature on behalf of us.

  After trekking Doi Inthanon a little, we had LUNCH at Mr.Deang, the birding centre ❤

  The food was sooooo delicious and even it was literally home-made ! I especially liked the green .. um… thing. It was adequately sweet and tasted healthy ! Umm Yummy~ my mouth starts watering again.

   Anyway, back to the point 🙂

At the birding (bird watching) centre I could see so many visitors have been here.

See all the business cards covering the whole side of wall ! @.@

After the pleasant meal and a cup of tea at the bird watching centre,

we headed to the local community,  the Phamon Village.

 After many curves and bumps on a country road 😛

and We got here !!  wow..

Look at the beautiful scenery ..

 ( Kids swinging mingled with the nature. )

With the community leaders, we playplanet shared thoughts about the sustainable travel in local communities and ways to make a beneficial impact through travel.

  For us, tourism is a mean for community development and environment conservation. Through tourism, can make a change. 

Surrounded by beautiful scenery,

  Let’s. playplanet !! 

By Song